Immune Tree Chewable Colostrum, Strawberry Flavored

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Immune Tree Colostrum Strawberry Moo Chews; 180 tablets

Immune Tree Chewable Colostrum with great tasting strawberry flavor, is a cold pressed colostrum created for children. Of course, it is also a tasty way for adults to get their daily colostrum fix *. Kids may also gain potential benefits through the intake of Colostrum6 strawberry chewable colostrum tablets *.

You’ve heard about colostrum, but what is it and what type of colostrum are we talking about? Cow colostrum is the very initial milk byproduct produced from the mother cow’s mammary glands during the initial hours after the baby calf is born, This critical time frame is zero to six hours for the bovine mothers. This initial premilk fluid gives more than 700 health balancing immune, essential, and growth factors that can support the health and wellness of the newborn calf. It is critical to understand that before any cow colostrum is taken for the production of Immune Tree Colostrum products, the well being of the baby calf is taken care of first and foremost. Once that is accomplished, then the colostrum is sourced.

What are some of the possible benefits that could be derived from the consumption of chewable colostrum tablets *? Immune Tree Colostrum may help support and balance a healthy body *. It has shown to possibly be supportive in maintaining a healthy digestive and intestinal system *. Immune Tree Colostrum6 is a 6 hour certified supplement. These strawberry flavored colostrum chewables for kids provide 210% of the daily requirements for Vitamin C. Colostrum6 has enough Vitamin C for two kids! In addition, a serving size of 2 chewable colostrum tablets offers 400mg of bovine colostrum. These strawberry flavored chewable tablets is a tasty way to potentially help support a healthy immune system for kids *. Like all Immune Tree Colostrum products, only raw, gluten free, 100% tested organic, GMO free, pesticide free, antibiotic free, BSE free, hormone free, colostrum is utilized when manufacturing these cold pressed colostrum chewable tablets.

Colostrum6 strawberry tablets offer 2300 ng/g of natural growth factors. These nano strength Strawberry Moo Chew Colostrum tablets contain 3% lactoferrin, which is also known as lactotransferrin. This is a multi functional protein of the transferrin family. Chewing these tablets will also offer the user 25% total Immunoglobulins. Lastly, these strawberry chewable colostrum tablets have approximately 24 percent proline rich polypeptides (PRPs), which are naturally occurring byproducts that are derived from cow colostrum. These PRPs may help support a healthy immune system *. Because of the presence of natural chymosin, having another name called rennin, this proteolytic enzyme plays a part in possibly offering better absorption. This may be accomplished if the natural chymosin is able to bypass stomach acids, potentially resulting in higher absorption rates *. Being that this is a natural process, this is superior to a synthetic process *.

If as parents you’re looking for an easier way to help potentially support your kid’s healthy immune system, why not take two bottles of Immune Tree Strawberry Moo Chews home with you? One for the kids, and one for you!

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