High Temp Moly Grease


High Temp Moly Grease utilizes a unique friction fighting compound known as moly. It can turn an ordinary lubricant into a world-class performer. Conventional greases that are blended without moly typically will fail in keeping two metal surfaces protected when the shock load or extreme pressure applied to those parts exceeds the grease’s designed capabilities. By adding moly to a grease, you now have¬† a lubricant that will greatly reduce friction and wear, plus withstand extreme pressure and shock loads.

When looking at a smooth metal surface under a microscope, the smooth surface looks quite different. What is seen are many rough hills and valleys. A lubricant’s job is to fill up these valleys with enough of a thickness of film that can keep two separate metal surfaces apart. Interestingly, moly will actually fill up all these hills and valleys. This moly compound creates a strong armor plate of lubricating film that acts as a safety barrier when the actual oil film is ruptured. Once the oil film is ruptured under extreme pressure, this armor plate of moly is the protective shield keeping the metal surfaces from touching. Moly is extremely smooth and slippery, reduces friction, and greatly reduces unnecessary metal wear.

High Temp Moly Grease is an effective grease for high-temperature environments. When the grease is exposed to higher temperatures, the lubricating oil separates from the thickener grease and starts to volatize, or burn off. What is left to lubricate is the moly. Again, the fact that moly can withstand extremely high temperatures illustrates its usefulness and effectiveness in many different extreme environments. Please note, if the operating conditions are of high temperature over long durations of time, it is best to periodically push out or flush the old grease with new grease. This preventative strategy keeps the bearings and parts operating in a perfect environment.

If your equipment is exposed to high temperatures, shock loads, and extreme pressure, it would be advantageous to consider utilizing a grease that offers the correct chemistry designed to handle each of these extreme pressure conditions. Conventional high-temperature greases typically are effective in handling only high temperature and historically have proven to be poor at dealing with shock loads and extreme pressures. This high temp lubricant has been engineered to outperform conventional products and is designed to solve multitudes of problems and issues. High Temp Moly Grease is a true specialty grease engineered to not only effectively deal with high temperatures, but also is quite effective at dealing with extreme pressure and shock load conditions. High Temp Moly Grease utilizes a proprietary two-pronged approach for dealing with extreme pressure shock load environments. It contains a heavy-duty EP additive along with a moly compound. The combination of these two additives creates a synergistic effect that effectively deals with any extreme pressure shock load condition. The owner/operator can expect this grease to stay put, not pound out, reduce wear on parts, reduce downtime, and reduce maintenance costs.

Moisture and water have always been problematic to parts staying lubricated and protected if the grease or lubricant was not up to the task to deal with such situations. High Temp Moly Grease utilizes state-of-the-art rust and corrosion inhibitors that protect metal parts from such corrosive environments. High Temp Moly Grease is not affected by hot or cold water. Because of its water-resistant chemistry, parts being affected by water contamination are a thing of the past.

If an industrial operation is looking to reduce inventory, then choosing a grease that can effectively lubricate and protect expensive equipment in a multitude of applications and environments is worth investigating. High Temp Moly Grease can be an excellent asset when it comes to simplifying inventory and reducing costs. Its capabilities are vast and broad. It functions in cold temperatures as well as extreme heat temperatures. It can effectively lubricate light-duty and heavy-duty equipment. Whether the equipment is starting or stopping, operating at low speed or high speed, experiencing heavy shock loads, under extreme pressure, in water environments or dirt environments, the usefulness of this grease is endless. High Temp Moly Grease was designed to be a no-melt extreme pressure water resistant lubricant that will protect parts from welding together, galling, scoring, etc. By adding High Temp Moly Grease to your lubrication inventory, you will reduce the number of greases required, which translates to savings in time, money, and also will help reduce stress levels.

Comes in cartridges, 35 pound pails, 120 pound kegs, and 415 pound drums.