High Temp Food Grade Grease


High Temp Food Grade Grease is a heavy-duty food-grade grease designed for the most extreme conditions found in the food industry. It offers superior water resistance, offers unusually high extreme pressure protection, can withstand unusually high temperatures, offers excellent protection against corrosion, is an NSF H1 registered lubricant, plus it is Kosher/PAREV and Halal certified.

High Temp Food Grade Grease offers an unparalleled extreme pressure additive chemistry. While tested in the ASTM D-2509 test, it passed with a 50 pound Timken OK Load. This is superior for a food-grade grease. This grease will provide the necessary shock load and extreme pressure protection to keep metal parts separated. Its unique chemistry effectively prevents metal-to-metal contact, thus vastly reducing unnecessary wear during heavy loads. Where other more conventional greases fall short, this food-grade EP grease will not pound out and stays in place under the most difficult extreme pressure conditions.

Whether you run a bakery or other high temperature food industry operation, this extreme pressure food-grade grease provides superior high temperature protection. As a no-melt grease, it excels in high temperature applications where many other food grade greases fail. As a food grade grease, it offers a multitude of applications for high temperatures, such as at dairy plants, ethanol plants, organic farms, wastewater treatment plants, and many more.

High Temp Food Grade Grease was engineered with a high performance additive package with the sole vision to have a grease withstand the most extreme conditions found in the food machinery industry. This EP grease is a superior grease for dealing with any extreme water conditions, especially during the cleaning phase that food industry equipment is consistently exposed to.

Being so water-resistant, this grease finds a huge following in the beverage industry and other types of bottling plants where high levels of moisture are common. Also, another area that this grease finds acceptance is in any part of a machine that is exposed to acids. It is extremely resistant to any acid components present, such as in tomato juice, pineapple juice, and others. It effectively neutralizes and eliminates these types of acids, fully protecting critical components.

Also engineered into High Temp Food Grade Grease is a strong adhesive/cohesive and tackiness characteristic. This tackiness gives this grease the ability to tenaciously stay in place without pushing or pounding out, thus providing superior lubrication protection to critical parts and also reducing unnecessary and wasteful grease consumption.

If your food processing operation requires a grease that is highly water resistant, is impervious to corrosion, provides superior high pressure and shock load protection, and functions throughout a broad temperature range both low and high, then High Temp Food Grade Grease is a robust food grade grease that will provide maximum protection. In any application where food contact could be a possibility, your equipment would greatly benefit from this superior H1 rated lubricant.