High Melting Point Grease


If you’re looking for one grease that will outperform a multitude of greases and will vastly simplify your grease inventory, then choose the most versatile and extreme performance grease available on the market, High Melting Point Grease. It offers a better than average Timken OK Load, reduces wear and friction, is extremely waterproof, and can withstand extremely high-temperatures.

This grease, with its proprietary grease formulation, offers unparalleled protection and performance for a vast multitude of applications and industries. When equipment is subjected to extreme pressure and extreme load carrying applications, it is important that the grease not be pounded out or squeezed out. To withstand those conditions, High Melting Point Grease was designed to have a superior Timken OK Load rating.

Many equipment owners require grease to stay put where it is most needed and to be resistant to any contact with moisture or water, especially if the components are to be submerged in water. It goes without saying, in these applications, a water-resistant grease is most needed. Again, this is yet another area that High Melting Point Grease surpasses conventional greases, with its extremely water resistant formulation. The best thing to do is to compare this high-quality grease with your current grease’s water washout capabilities. Without a doubt, you’ll make the switch.

What equipment operator doesn’t hope for as little parts wear as possible? If the goal is much longer equipment life, then one easy strategy to extend the life of your equipment is to choose the finest possible lubricants. High Melting Point Grease is formulated with robust amounts of anti wear additives, EP agents, and friction modifiers. This top of the line chemistry works synergistically to vastly reduce friction and wear. In actual real world operating environments, High Melting Point Grease protects and performs unlike conventional lubricants. It will offer you far less wear, lower temperatures, and longer equipment life.

Most conventional or retail brand greases have operating temperature ranges or dropping points from 290 degrees F up to 390 degrees F. When your equipment encounters higher temperatures, why take the chance with an ordinary grease? Better to have peace of mind and invest in a grease that is designed to offer extreme temperature protection. With no dropping point, High Melting Point Grease offers unparalleled high-temperature protection. It gives your operation and equipment an extra insurance policy against any potential hot spots that hard-working equipment components could be exposed to. Its high-temperature capabilities do not cause any caking in lines or bearings. It is understandable that when temperatures rise above 450 degrees F to 570 degrees F, it is important to lubricate more frequently as a safety precaution. Also, it offers excellent pumpability at colder temperatures. All in all, this extreme pressure grease gives you a very broad range of operating temperatures, providing maximum protection under most temperature conditions.

Another unique characteristic that was engineered into this one-of-a-kind grease is its ability to adhere to itself and to adhere in a tenacious manner to metal surfaces. Another term for this would be cohesive/adhesive capabilities. A quality extreme performance grease should not only provide cushioning action for the parts it is to protect. It must also provide a tough protective barrier against allowing any contaminants to enter, as well as protecting against unwanted wear. Much technology and effort were put into this grease to make sure it offered unmatched ability to stick and to string onto whatever part or application it was assigned. Expect this high-quality EP grease to stay put, to not be pounded out regardless of extreme pressure or shock loads, and to keep out harmful contaminants. Because of its adhesive and cohesive abilities, many benefits are to be had by using High Melting Point Grease in your equipment.