Heavy Duty Open Gear Grease


Heavy Duty Open Gear Grease offers the most up-to-date, state-of-the-art open gear grease formulation. It is a custom-blended lubricant that can withstand extreme heavy shock and high load conditions, is incredibly water-resistant, will greatly reduce operating temperatures, is effective in reducing wear, prevents mounding up on shrouds, will reduce open gear grease consumption, and overall will provide long service life in protecting critical point areas of gear contact.

Regardless of the industry in question, any exposed gear will most likely encounter dusty conditions, extreme pressure, and heavy shock load conditions. Such extreme operating conditions could lead to surface wear such as spalling, scoring, and pitting. To prevent this type of damage, an open gear grease must have an extremely high film strength and be extraordinarily tacky, with excellent stringability capabilities. This high-quality grease’s specialized formula will give the operator an open gear grease that will perform over long periods of time, providing superior protection. Unlike conventional open gear greases that are typically asphalt-based, silicone-based, graphite heavy, or blended with other types of soap-based thickeners, Heavy Duty Open Gear Grease’s state-of-the-art proprietary formula will function more effectively in a much broader range of temperatures and extreme conditions.

Robust amounts of moly play an active role in the superior performance of this grease. Added to the moly additive are unique specialized friction modifiers that work synergistically together to create a tough barrier of protection for the metal surfaces it is applied to protect. The grease’s specialized moly formula provides a unique layer of protection that is not typically found in conventional open gear lubricants. Potentially dangerous issues such as spalling, shearing, and premature wear, are effectively eliminated through the use of this moly-based lubricant. It provides high film strength and extreme pressure protection at the point of contact of the gears, helping in the reduction of operating temperatures. Also, the combination of friction modifiers and moly help to reduce friction. Again, this translates to lower temperatures and reduced wear.

This open-gear grease goes beyond the protection provided by moly. It also can and will guard against any oxidation and rust through the use of heavy duty antioxidants and specialized rust and corrosion inhibitors. These bonus protections provide an extra level of protection not found in the open gear grease industry.

It is critical that exposed gears can utilize a lubricant that offers a superior ability to cling to the gear surfaces without the worry of falling off. Exposed gear sets encounter a vast amount of contaminants that if left unprotected could cause severe wear and premature failure. Contaminants such as dust, severe weather, byproducts from limestone and cement, water, sand, and coal all are brutal contaminants that can raise havoc and severe problems for exposed gears. This heavy-duty lubricant attacks these issues head-on and with supreme confidence. Its robust high-performance chemistry was designed exclusively to deal with all potential contaminants regardless of how tough and severe they are. In all areas that open gear sets are exposed to, Heavy Duty Open Gear Grease offers extreme pressure protection, superior cohesive and adhesive characteristics, very high film strength, and stable high viscosity.

Many times, open-gear sets can be compromised by a combination of factors such as movement, extreme pressure, and lubricant buildup, that together negatively affect a grease’s ability to perform as intended. With this in mind, Heavy Duty Open Gear Grease was uniquely engineered through the use of two unique and distinctive additives that are designed to give the grease the ability to stick to itself and at the same time stick or cling to the surface it comes in contact with. In real-world field testing, these two unique additives illustrated the superiority of this grease in creating lengths of lubricant stringing never before seen in other conventional open gear lubricants. This amazing ability to create long string lengths of lubricant provide it with tenacious adhesive and cohesive characteristics, allowing it to perform perfectly in any and all extreme operating conditions.