Grout Cleaning Brush With Handle

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The Grout Cleaning Brush has a unique “V” shaped design of very stiff black polyester bristles.  This design makes this grout cleaner extremely effective for cleaning the narrowest of grout lines and corners. Swiveling handle connector head pivots 180º which allows the brush to easily move and clean along the grout lines. Cleans grout from a standing position. 1-1/2” trim; 9″ block. Comes with threaded handle.

How to clean your bathroom grout using the Grout Cleaning Brush: For a tile and grout cleaner, take the Champion Performance Plus All Purpose Cleaner / Degreaser, use a 16 oz. spray bottle, put 4 oz. of Performance Plus, and put 4 oz. of water. Work in sections, spray grout area, let sit for a few minutes, scrub with grout brush, and rinse. Repeat process if needed.