Green Fury Cleaner


Green Fury is a time tested, heavy duty biodegradable cleaner. Its versatility allows it to be used in an unlimited list of applications. Use it to clean floors, automobiles, heavy machinery, furniture, and is even gentle enough for cleaning hands. Use it at the shop, at the factory, or at home.

Highly Concentrated

Green Fury is a highly concentrated yet economical cleaner. Instead of being made from a conventional soap base, Green Fury was formulated as a detergent utilizing safe and effective biodegradable ingredients. Because of its unique chemistry, Green Fury is able to easily emulsify and lift away stubborn grime and dirt. This biodegradable cleaner will safely clean metal surfaces, even clean painted surfaces without causing any harm or problems.

Superior Surfactant

One of the secret weapons that allows Green Fury to be a superior cleaner lies in its high quality chemistry. Green Fury was designed utilizing an extremely heavy duty surfactant along with a powerful detergent. The synergistic effect between Green Fury’s surfactant and biodegradable detergent allows it to effectively penetrate below the surface of soil, grime, and dirt, thereby lifting up and rapidly removing the soil. No other industrial cleaner available on the market utilizes such a powerful and effective biodegradable detergent chemistry. Additionally, the detergent utilized in Green Fury is biodegradable, meaning it is extremely friendly for the environment.

Heavy Duty Performance

The tougher the cleaning job the better for Green Fury. Regardless of how dirty heavy equipment may get, regardless of how much dirt and grime is on cars and trucks, Green Fury tackles these tough cleaning jobs with ease. Green Fury can be the perfect cleaning companion for the shop. Greasy dirty engines, vehicles, or equipment are simple challenges for Green Fury. Concerned about soap scum or any residue left behind? Don’t worry, Green Fury cleans anything and leaves them soap scum and residue free. If you’d rather use a steam cleaner to clean your heavy equipment, then Green Fury is a must to use along with your steam cleaner. In steam cleaning applications, Green Fury is non-caustic, it is odorless, and totally safe when cleaning metals.

Low pH Rating

Green Fury is a highly concentrated biodegradable cleaner that has a very mild and low pH of 8.3. This means that Green Fury is gentle enough to be used as a safe hand cleaner. Please note, because of its unique chemistry, to make Green Fury work, it must be “activated” by utilizing with water. Once Green Fury has been activated with water, it is ready to clean the most difficult cleaning job you can think of. Though Green Fury is a grime and dirt killing machine, it has no fumes and gives off no harmful effects.

USDA A1 Rated

Green Fury has been authorized by the USDA with an A1 rating. What this means is that Green Fury can be utilized as a cleaner in food plants where eggs, poultry, rabbit, and meat are processed. Please note: even though Green Fury has an A1 USDA rating and can be used on certain types of equipment at a food processing plant, it is not to come in contact with any food products or food packaging equipment. Also, it is important that all equipment surfaces that have been cleaned with Green Fury are to be thoroughly rinsed using potable water.

To recap, Green Fury is a product that has been time tested and proven for over 50 years. Used by restaurants, processing plants, factories, dairy farms, office buildings, car washes, construction companies, etc. It is extremely versatile, economical to use, it utilizes a biodegradable detergent with a powerful surfactant making it a safe yet heavy duty cleaner. It has a mild low 8.3 pH and is USDA A1 authorized.

Comes in 6 gallon pail.