Food Grade Spray Lubricant


Food Grade Spray Lubricant is an H1 NSF registered lubricant that can be used in various applications where the potential of incidental food contact may and could occur. Only the finest highly refined food grade white oils are engineered into this versatile all purpose lubricant. All the ingredients in this product comply with FDA 21 CFR 178.3570. It is common that machinery found in any food processing plant will be exposed to extremely high amounts of moisture and water when washing down and cleaning the equipment. Food Grade Spray Lubricant was purposefully engineered to be resistant to any exposure to water and moisture. When used, it resists any washing off due to its adhesive/cohesive properties. This characteristic of clinging to parts it is sprayed onto creates a film of lubricant that will effectively prevent any rust and corrosion, which ultimately leads to a reduction in wear.

Please note that the goal of this heavy-duty food grade lubricant was to provide protection beyond normal standards. Only the absolute finest long-lasting high-performance additive chemistry is formulated into this product. Knowing up front that acidic fruit juices can easily wash off and remove most lubricant films, the goal was to offer a lubricant that could easily deal with such conditions. Food Grade Spray Lubricant utilizes unique adhesive/cohesive chemistry that tenaciously allows the lubricant to adhere to all surfaces that it is sprayed on. Protecting against difficult acidic fruit juice applications is an easy task for this lubricant. In these conditions, it leaves a long-lasting protective shield to all metal surfaces. This tough protective lubricant shield guards against any potential corrosion, rust, or moisture.

Rust, varnish, and gum are killers for chains and sprockets found in many fruit processing plants. If these unwanted contaminants and deposits are not dealt with and removed, unwanted downtime rapidly becomes a possibility. Food Grade Spray Lubricant, with its proprietary additive chemistry, quickly goes to work by penetrating pin linkage points and provides a strong anti-wear protective film that withstands any metal-to-metal contact that occurs between chains and sprockets. Its ability to remove and dissolve any varnish, gum, or rust that may be present is second to none. Used long term, this food grade lubricant will make these unwanted contaminants a thing or the past, while extending the life of vital machinery components where it is applied.

Another critical benefit that was engineered into Food Grade Spray Lubricant was creating a non-flammable formula. Safety is critical for any food processing plant and utilizing Food Grade Spray is an excellent tool in reaching your safety standards. Where other flammable products only lend themselves for limited use, non-flammable Food Grade Spray Lubricant gives you a safe and versatile product to use throughout your food processing plant.