Food Grade Air Compressor Oil


Food Grade Air Compressor Oil is a superior non-toxic gear lubricant engineered for application in packaging plants and food processing plants. It can be used in the following types of food processing plants: creameries, beverages, fish processing, poultry, dairy, candy, pharmaceutical, and others. It is blended and designed for the NSF H1 specification for incidental contact with food. Additionally, it meets and complies with past USDA guidelines for food contact listed in CFR Title 21 Part 178, Section 178.3570. Food Grade Air Compressor Oil is a high-quality food-grade lubricant with superior load carrying capabilities. It offers long service life and excellent rust protection for environments where water and moisture can be an issue. It can be used in a vast variety of applications to help in the reduction of inventory.

This is an excellent machinery lubricant that offers a unique formulation that provides the excellent capacity to handle any load found in an enclosed gear set, gear drive, and reduction gears, especially if they are located in a sensitive area for any food processing operation. Also, H1 has versatility in that it offers excellent service for air compressors, hydraulic systems, circulating systems, slides and guides, and even on chains that may require oil with viscosities such as ISO 150 and ISO 220 oils. It is an excellent addition to your strategies in trying to boost food processing productivity because it offers long service life and excellent performance to help your machines run with less downtime and more efficiency.

Food Grade Air Compressor Oil offers other benefits beyond its superior load-carrying properties. Its state-of-the-art formulation utilizes robust amounts of anti-wear agents, rust and corrosion inhibitors, water separability additives, anti-foam agents, plus antioxidant additives. With this complete package, along with our free independent oil analysis, you are provided with a tool that will improve machinery efficiency, reduce energy consumption, extend oil drain intervals, extend the life of equipment through less wear and friction, and vastly reduce any unexpected or unwanted downtime.

Food Grade Air Compressor Oil is well known within the beverage, food processing, and pharmaceutical industries, but beyond those three it has shown growth in penetrating the following markets that require a non-toxic water-white gear oil: organic farms, water treatment facilities, chicken house operations, hospitals, grain elevators, textile plants, breweries, Army Corps of Engineers, and other companies that may be working near water.