Fastest Ice Melter


The Fastest Ice Melter is the most active ice melting compound on the market. It is engineered to have one of the highest concentration levels of calcium chloride. Calcium chloride is engineered to function at temperatures and in conditions where inferior ice melting products tend to fail. When comparing this premium ice melter to the competition, it is proven to perform much faster and at much lower temperatures. Because of its effectiveness and its economy of usage, it finds a strong fan base among churches, housing authorities, banks, commercial operations, residential and multi-family housing units, along with schools and hospitals.

There is a unique science behind why the Fastest Ice Melter is a truly unique ice melting product. It takes moisture from the air to create and generate heat. When comparing against other competing products, this premium ice melter is able to generate heat that is much longer-lasting and that reaches a far higher temperature than other so-called competitive products. This rather unique and rare ability that this product has in generating its own heat derived from moisture, allows it to perform much faster and within temperatures that other products simply cannot compete with.

When testing melt-volume comparisons at 5 degrees F, it was revealed how superior the Fastest Ice Melter was in its ability at melting ice and snow versus other competitive ice melting products. For example, rock salt and magnesium chloride are rather ineffective in melting ice and snow in temperatures close to 0 degrees F. In comparison, the Fastest Ice Melter will continue to melt ice and snow right down to -25 degrees F. Understand, for an ice melting solution, -25 F is the lowest operating temperature available on the market today. Only the Fastest Ice Melter provides this type of ice and snow melting capability.

Shape and size matter. This high-quality ice melter is designed to be round and is manufactured into different sized pellets. These different sized pellets make it possible for it to continue working where other lesser products will fail. The fact that its shape is round allows this premium ice melter to effectively penetrate into areas where it is applied and spread. Once penetration has reached maximum levels through the snow and ice, a brine is developed which begins to allow this high-performance ice melter to heat the brine water and thus spread and cover a much larger surface area. Competitive less effective products are manufactured into flakes and crystals that typically have much larger surface contact areas. This means they are consumed much faster. These ineffective and unreliable shapes and sizes make them penetrate much less and spread out much faster. This tends to cause faster refreezing when inferior products are used.

The Fastest Ice Melter was engineered specifically in pellet form so that it generates its own heat when it comes into contact with ice and snow. Its unique melting action is very fast, thorough, and effective. With an active cycle reaching down to -59 degrees F, it is perfect to apply and use where the hazards of ice and snow can threaten safety. This superior ice melter was purposefully engineered so that very little does a lot, so a little goes a long way. In most common applications, use at a rate of two to four ounces of the Fastest Ice Melter per square yard. That is all that is needed. It is easily applied through various simple methods, such as pouring it out of a pail, sprinkling by hand or shovel, or by broadcast sprinkling. It can safely be used and applied onto driveways, sidewalks, concrete surfaces, patios, steps, breezeways, porches; in fact anywhere that has snow or ice buildup. These nontransferable ice melter pellets are perfect around flower beds. Note that calcium chloride is less destructive than many other salt-based de-icers. By using the Fastest Ice Melter, there is less damage to concrete.