EP 320 Gear Oil


For most industrial customers that run industrial gear boxes, the most common application would be heavily loaded gear sets. Heavily loaded gear sets is the most common application but also the most common problem area that users have to deal with. The sad fact is that most traditional gear oils are not technically equipped to deal effectively with heavily loaded gear sets. The main reason traditional gear oils provide such unsatisfactory performance is due to the bare minimum in performance and quality of the additive package. The philosophy behind the unique chemistry and formulation of our EP 320 Gear Oil was to first investigate the industrial gear oil market. What we’ve found in our research were some commonalities in the fail areas of most of your traditional or common gear oils. The goal we set in engineering EP 320 Gear Oil was to make a superior high performance gear oil that could easily address all of the typical applications and situations an industrial gear box will encounter. The final result was the creation of EP 320 Gear Oil, which can be considered a very robust, long life gear oil that protects heavily loaded gears, reduces wear, is non foaming, extremely thermal stable, and long lasting. EP 320 Gear Oil contains heavy duty EP additives, adhesive / cohesive agents, cushioning additives, and the finest possible high viscosity, super refined base oils.

Protection Against Extreme Pressure and Extreme Wear

EP 320 Gear Oil is formulated with extreme heavy duty EP (extreme pressure) additives. This unique sulfur phosphorus formulation provides ultimate protection for both large and small gear teeth, thus protecting against unnecessary wear. The proprietary EP formula allows industrial gear oil to withstand extremely heavy loads, all the while making sure there is no metal-to-metal contact. To test EP 320 Gear Oil’s ability to withstand heavy shock loads, it was put through the industry standard Timken OK Load Test. EP 320 Gear Oil rated and impressive 70 pounds on the Timken OK Load Test. This superior rating translates to this gear oil having the ability to withstand shock loads, to be able to reduce temperatures, reduce wear, all leading to extended oil drain intervals, and reduced downtime. Another way EP 320 Gear Oil helps to reduce wear is through the use of superior anti-foaming agents. Foam will be generated in a gear box during operation. If an oil does not contain enough quality anti-foam additives, temperatures will skyrocket within the gear box, which can lead to a multitude of problems. EP 320 Gear Oil is blended with more than enough high quality anti-foam agents. These anti-foam agents help to dramatically reduce temperatures in a gear box. By keeping temperatures down, it allows the lubricant to reduce wear, enabling longer oil life, reducing the chances for downtime, and decreasing the amount of harmful deposits forming.

High Performance in Multiple Applications

EP 320 Gear Oil was designed to outperform all other industrial gear oil competitors. EP 320 Gear Oil was designed to be used indoors or outdoors in enclosed gear boxes that require an extreme pressure gear oil. Because of the use of a very powerful pour point depressant additive, EP 320 Gear Oil can operate in -25 degrees Fahrenheit to 0 degrees Fahrenheit successfully. This depends on the weight viscosity oil utilized. Conversely, when temperatures are higher for indoor operations, gears and gear boxes require a gear oil that must protect in these type of severe conditions. EP 320 Gear Oil’s formula protects gear and components within the gear box, providing maximum protection due to the superior film strength of the oil and because of the oil’s adhesive and cohesive additive. This tacky or clingability characteristic helps the oil t immediately coat completely the gears and components at startup and throughout the duration of operation. This leads to reduced temperatures and reduced wear. EP 320 Gear Oil provides longer oil life and helps maintain a clean operating system.

The Best Gear Oil Additives

EP 320 Gear Oil utilizes a complex combination of performance enhancing additives that along with super refined base oils work together in a synergistic fashion. Included in our proprietary formula, our rust inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, extreme pressure agents, antioxidant additives, anti-foam agents, adhesive and cohesive additives, the combination of these high performance additives and base stocks results in a gear lubricant that time and time again will outperform all traditional and conventional gear oils. Because of its robust formulation, EP 320 Gear Oil lends itself to be used beyond standard enclosed gear boxes. For example, it can be used as a general purpose oil for machine tools found in manufacturing, quarries, sand and gravel operations, steel mills, etc. It can be an effective lubricant for slide and way systems. All in all, it is a very versatile gear oil.

High Temperature Stability

Conventional or traditional gear oils tend to quickly break down during high operating temperatures. In addition, because conventional or traditional gear oil manufacturers tend to use bare minimum quality base oils and additives, the chance for them to break down under high temperatures is high. Using conventional gear oils that need to operate under extreme conditions for long periods of time is rather risky because of the use of inferior ingredients. The breakdown of chemicals can lead to the unnecessary and avoidable wear of gears and components. EP 320 Gear Oil was designed specifically to easily hold up and withstand the highest of temperatures, thus maintaining complete thermal stability throughout the life of the lubricant. By utilizing heavy duty base oils and additives, EP 320 Gear Oil will maintain superior cleanliness during extremely high temperature situations. In comparison, conventional lubricants fall far short in thermal stability and cleanliness. Another concern for gear boxes when operating under high temperatures is the potential for copper alloy components to degrade. Conventional gear oils will start to attack the copper alloys if the temperatures within the gear box get above 230 degrees Fahrenheit. EP 320 Gear Oil will protect copper alloys in short durations if temperatures reach 330 degrees Fahrenheit. That is a 100 degree cushion when using our EP 320 Gear Oil.

In summary, EP 320 Gear Oil with its high performance heavy duty formulation, will protect heavily loaded gears, will reduce wear and tear, will lower temperatures due to its superior non foaming chemistry, and offers outstanding thermal stability over a long and extended service life. For those extreme and heavy duty gear applications, EP 320 Gear Oil is available in a viscosity range from ISO 68 through ISO 680. That is 7 different viscosities.

Comes in 45 pound pail.