Engine Oil For Turbo Car


Engine Oil For Turbo Car is a synthetic motor oil that was designed utilizing state-of-the-art heavy duty additives that fight against the potential of oxidation, the reduction and elimination of any sludge, and reducing the chances of gum and varnish buildup. By minimizing the chance of these contaminants forming within an engine, this oil goes a long way in helping to extend the life of the oil, thus extending drain intervals. Beyond using these superior antioxidant additives, Engine Oil For Turbo Car utilizes robust quantities of corrosion inhibitors, rust inhibitors, and anti-rust agents. Next, our chemists have chosen the most shear-stable viscosity improvers that deliver quick engine startup during cold temperatures and under extreme heat conditions, the oil will not thin out.

Turbo-charged direct injected gasoline engines, when run at low speeds and high loads, are susceptible to what is called LSPI. Low speed pre-ignition (LSPI), which is actually an abnormal combustion event, can cause extreme pressure buildup within a motor’s cylinders. This pressure buildup leads to the engine creating a knocking sound and if left unchecked, can cause extreme damage to the internal components of the motor. When engineering Engine Oil For Turbo Car, consideration of protecting against LSPI was one of the main directives. The formulation utilizes a strong detergent package that will keep gas engines from developing piston deposit buildup and fighting against corrosive acids. It fights LSPI without increasing the frequency of this abnormal combustion event. It is extremely important that turbo-charged direct injected engines are protected against LSPI.

Another critical goal for Engine Oil For Turbo Car was to create a formulation that could reduce wear in the internal parts of the motor. Our heavy duty chemistry utilizes a unique combination of friction modifiers that can effectively impart a tenacious fluid film of lubricant between the high speed moving parts within the motor. This effective friction-reducing film provides exceptional protection that helps to minimize and reduce wear. By reducing unnecessary wear, equipment life is prolonged, downtime is kept to a bare minimum, maintenance costs are reduced, and fuel economy is improved.

Engine Oil For Turbo Car meets and exceeds the API’s (American Petroleum Institute) SN PLUS (SAE 5W/20, 5W30, and 10W/30). Also, it meets the ILSAC GL-5 standard specification. These latest industry standard specifications were created because of the demands being placed on turbo-charged gasoline engines that are exposed to LSPI or low speed pre-ignition. Conventional motor oils are not up to the task to protecting current engines that are forced to operate under extreme conditions when meeting the latest federal regulations for emissions and fuel economy. Engine Oil For Turbo Car excels when it comes to meeting these two tough industry standards. They must provide the following benefits in gasoline engines in order to obtain licensing from both institutions and these performance parameters are in fuel economy improvements, the ability of reducing oxidation and thickening within the oil, high temperature deposit control, the ability to lower the consumption of oil, and the performance needed to provide protection to critical turbo-charged components.

Current engine manufacturers are in a constant battle to meet the ever tightening and expanding federal regulations for fuel economy standards, for lower emissions, and all the while improving performance and efficiency. These are demanding engineering obstacles that engine manufacturers are meeting and at the same time lubricant manufacturers must also keep in step with these changes and regulatory demands. There are only a handful of lubricant manufacturers that can not only meet such critical requirements but in rare cases provide a lubricant that exceeds requirements. Engine Oil For Turbo Car is a heavy duty motor oil that is not only kept up with modern technology but is at the forefront for setting the standards of quality and performance that are rarely matched by other lubricant manufacturers. Whether the environment is light duty, medium duty, or sever service, the owner/operator can expect their equipment to be not only protected but also to perform better than expected. Engine Oil For Turbo Car can be used in gasoline passenger vehicles, but also finds a home in gasoline powered farming, logging, construction, and municipality niches.

Comes in quarts, 6 gallon pails, 35 gallon drums, and 55 gallon drums.