Eaton Fuller Transmission Oil


Premium Gear Oil for Spicer Fuller Applications

Eaton Fuller Transmission Oil was engineered to meet the proper viscosity for Spicer Fuller Applications. It has a viscosity of SAE 90 gear oil that crosses over to a motor oil viscosity which is SAE 50. Spicer Fuller Applications require the correct viscosity for its various transmission parts so that the oil will provide the necessary film strength and correct flowability. Eaton Fuller Transmission Oil was formulated to be extremely resistant to oxidation. First, it utilizes the highest performance base stock oils available that are super refined. Next, the unique chemistry of Eaton Fuller Transmission Oil utilizes heavy duty oxidation inhibitors which helps the oil achieve even greater levels of thermal stability at extremely high temperatures. Also, this chemistry will prevent any damaging sludge or corrosion deposits from forming on the critical components. Spicer and Fuller have very demanding and stringent requirements for their transmissions. These two OEMs have established very demanding lubricant specifications. Their requirements demand that a lubricant perform at high levels without causing any sludging or coking buildup within the transmissions. Eaton Fuller Transmission Oil is one of the leading S&F lubricants for the heavy duty transmission industry.

Superior Quality Base Oils

Eaton Fuller Transmission Oil utilizes low sulfur paraffen based oils. These base oils have been super refined to remove and extract any undesirable characteristics that could cause the formation of varnish, gum, or sludge when exposed to severely high temperatures. These sweet type paraffen based mid-continent base oils have been super refined, making them the perfect choice to deliver the lubricating qualities that Spicer and Fuller demand for their transmissions. They are extremely resistant to oxidation, they work quite well for cold temperatures, they are less susceptible to harmful attacks from oxygen and acids, and they maintain viscosity over a wide range of operating temperatures. These superior paraffen based oils offer superlative natural lubricity and are known for their ability to create the necessary protective film strength necessary in protecting critical transmission components.

High Performance Anti-Wear Chemistry

Added to Eaton Fuller Transmission Oil’s paraffen base stock are higher than industry standard levels of anti-wear agents. These larger levels of anti-wear agents give this gear oil an extra boost of performance and protection not found in conventional or traditional S&F fluids. Our philosophy when manufacturing heavy duty lubricants is to offer our customers extra levels of protection so that they can feel a sense of confidence and security that their equipment will perform at the highest levels day in and day out without fear of downtime. Our Eaton Fuller Transmission Oil anti-wear chemistry is a perfect example of that extra level of additive chemistry. The fact of the matter is Spicer and Fuller transmissions are designed with many heavily loaded component, such as bearings and gear teeth. To effectively provide a protective film to these heavily loaded parts, the oil must be strong enough to provide a film of lubrication that will not allow metal-to-metal contact when in operation. Eaton Fuller Transmission Oil will create a super strong protective film between critical petal components, thus preventing any damaging scuffing, scoring, or seizing of parts.

Foam Resistance

On the market today are many transmission oils that will easily foam during operation. Foam is one of the main enemies of gear oils and transmissions. If foaming occurs over a period of time, the actual gear oil level starts to diminish and lubrication is adversely affected. Understand that foaming is predominantly air. If too much foam / air is present, the critical protective film of oil weakens and begins to be lost, exposing critical parts to damaging metal-to-metal contact and unnecessary wear. The foam that is present acts as an insulator to trap the rising heat. This rising heat becomes a vicious cycle. Over a period of time as the temperature begins to rise within the transmission, the lubricant begins to oxidize, and that may lead to damaging gum and sludge deposits. This foaming problem can be easily solved by utilizing our Eaton Fuller Transmission Oil. This oil contains a higher level of high performance foam inhibitors that will bring foaming to an abrupt halt. Eaton Fuller Transmission Oil reduces temperatures, are resistant to oxidation, and provide thermally stable extended drain intervals.

Resistance to Oxidation

Eaton Fuller Transmission Oil was designed to be highly resistant to the possibility of oxidation. This resistance to oxidation is accomplished with a two prong system. Importantly, only the finest quality super refined paraffen base stocks have been chosen. The second prong to this oxidative resistant oil is accomplished through the use of high levels of heavy duty oxidation inhibitors. The combination of paraffen base stocks coupled with oxidation inhibitors creates a synergistic effect by creating a lubricant that is amazingly thermal stable at high temperatures and is resistant to the formation of corrosion and sludge.

A Cooling Lubricant

Heavy duty transmissions such as Spicer and Fuller can generate tremendous heat during heavily loaded operating conditions. It is imperative that heat buildup be kept to a minimum if efficient and proper operation is expected from these transmissions. With heat dissipation in mind, one of Eaton Fuller Transmission Oil’s biggest benefits is its superior ability at helping S&F transmissions stay cool and operating at peak efficiency. This super duty gear oil is up for any cooling challenge. Maintains proper viscosity. Eaton Fuller Transmission Oil is formulated to meet the specific viscosity requirements for S&F transmissions. Eaton Fuller Transmission Oil is classified as an SAE 90 gear oil which crosses over to an SAE 50 motor oil specification. Meeting and maintaining this specific viscosity is key for providing an oil that offers the proper film strength and the correct flow during a wide range of operating temperatures so that the myriad of vital S&F transmission parts are carefully and effectively lubricated and protected.

In summary, Eaton Fuller Transmission Oil is a state of the art premium custom blended gear oil for Spicer and Fuller applications. It utilizes top of the line paraffen base oils that are super refined. It utilizes a high performance additive package at higher levels of volume. It offers superior anti-wear protection, excellent non-foaming capabilities, is resistant to oxidation, maintains the specific viscosity specifications over the vast operating temperature ranges, and Eaton Fuller Transmission Oil delivers extended drain interval capabilities.

Comes in 45 pound pail.