Dry-Moly Lubricant


Dry-Moly Lubricant is a premium fast curing dry film lubricant. Dry-Moly is formulated with a combination of molybdenum disulfide (MoS, or Moly) and graphite. Together, these two dry lubricants work to protect and keep machine metal from oxidizing. Dry-Moly works fabulously in extreme environments. Once Dry-Moly quickly cures, it will not wash off. It tenaciously provides superior lubrication during the heaviest of loads. Through the use of Moly and graphite, Dry-Moly will effectively reduce wear anywhere it is used.

Contains Moly

Molybdenum disulfide is a naturally mined mineral lubricant extracted from ore deposits found in the Colorado Rockies. Lubricant scientists consider molybdenum disulfide as one of the finest lubricants known to science. Moly has an affinity to metal surfaces. If you take what appears to be a smooth metal surface and view the surface under a microscope, the metal is, in fact, showing peaks and valleys. When moly is exposed and applied to such metal surfaces and pressure is exerted, moly will start to fill the peaks and valleys of the metal surface. Over time, the moly eventually will totally cover the metal surfaces with a buildup of no more than .0002 of an inch. This dry film of moly has an extremely low coefficient of friction. Moly can withstand extreme pressures in the range of 225,000 to 500,000 psi. Its extreme pressure capabilities far exceed those of most metals.

Dry-Moly Lubricant contains colloidal molybdenum disulfide along with complex binding resin chemistry which will provide superior lubrication and lasts longer than a simple coating of moly by itself. Dry-Moly Lubricant is packaged in an easy to use aerosol spray can. Once Dry-Moly Lubricant is sprayed on the metal surface, it quickly cures, leaving behind a dry, super-tough lubricant. The advantage of having an easy to use aerosol system that can dispense a premium fast curing dry film lubricant of moly and graphite is that this lubricant is the perfect tool when an application requires a lubricant that will not attract dirt and dust. There are certain situations where traditional lubricants are not useful or desired. An excellent example would be industrial chains or slides. If these chains are exposed to contaminants such as wood, grain, or dust, a wet oil system can create more problems than they can solve. They act as magnets for dust and contaminants. The perfect solution would be a lubricant that leaves behind a completely dry lubricant film that absolutely does not attract dust and contaminants. Such a product is Dry-Moly. The fact is, Dry-Moly, once applied and cured, penetrates deep into crevices and components with a dry film of tenacious lubricant that will not attract any dust, will reduce friction and wear, and will withstand extreme pressure.

High-Temperature Lubricant

Dry-Moly, with its combination of Moly and graphite, is the perfect lubricant to be used in any high-temperature application. It works best in a temperature range of 650 degrees Fahrenheit all the way up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, it is effective as a releasing compound where very high pressures are found such as anti-seize and press-fit situations. Dry-Moly lubricant is an excellent rust and corrosion protector. This is possible because of the use of Moly and graphite which work to protect metal surfaces from rusting and corrosion due to their plating action. Dry-Moly Lubricant’s formula makes it possible to apply effectively on ferrous and alloy metals along with most other typical metals. Also, Dry-Moly can be applied to glass, wood, and plastic. It is truly a versatile and multi-function lubricant.

In summary, Dry-Moly can be used in a wide variety of applications. Its unique formula will be helpful in wear reduction, it helps to reduce metal-to-metal contact, preforms during high temperature applications, protects against rust and corrosion, and is perfect in any application that requires an effective dry film lubricant. It is an excellent extreme pressure protection, easy to use “any way” aerosol can.