Diesel Engine Oil 15W40


Specialty Blend Base Stocks

Diesel Engine Oil 15W40 contains a choice blend of specialty base stocks, containing the finest and purest severely hydro-finished and hydro-cracked base stock oils that are available in a high performance motor oil. By utilizing this combination of synthesized base stocks, the result is a superior motor oil that offers protection at cold temperatures. This unique blend of base stocks delivers outstanding cold cranking performance and superior oil flow. When this diesel engine oil is utilized in low emission engines that tend to operate at higher temperatures, the custom blended combination of specialty base stocks provides an extra cushion of film strength, thus providing vital protection from moving engine components. Due to the unique nature of the specialized base stocks that are super refined , these base oils offer superior resistance to oxidation when exposed to extremely high operating temperatures within the engine. This low volatility and resistance to oxidizing means that minimal oil is consumed or evaporated. In addition, this high-quality diesel motor oil will offer longer drain intervals, less consumption, and superior engine component protection. Due to Diesel Engine Oil 15W40’s high performance formulation that utilizes a blend of unique base stocks along with the heavy duty additive chemistry, heavy equipment operators can expect no varnish, no gum, nor sludge accumulation or buildup on internal motor components.

Better Fuel Mileage

Diesel Engine Oil 15W40 can deliver better fuel mileage due to the unique type of specialty blend base stocks, along with friction reducing anti-wear chemistry. By reducing friction and wear, the engine components operate under less resistance, which translates to better engine efficiency and improved fuel economy. Beyond the friction reducing improvements, this unique diesel engine oil maintains cleanliness by greatly reducing varnish, gum, and sludge buildup. Through testing and analysis, it is proven that a clean operating motor is more efficient, which again translates to improved fuel economy. Another aspect to Diesel Engine Oil 15W40 helping to improve fuel mileage is the use of superior detergent / dispersant agents. These heavy duty detergent dispersant additives control corrosion, keep soot in suspension, and they control and neutralize harmful acids during high temperature operation. Again, these agents help to maintain a clean engine. This fuel improving synergistic additive chemistry works together synergistically with the base stocks to deliver longer drain intervals and better fuel mileage.

Heavy Duty Additives

Diesel Engine Oil 15W40 utilizes high performance additive chemistry in much larger quantities than conventional diesel oils because modern diesel engines are forced to operate at much higher temperatures and are exposed to much higher amounts of contamination. To combat these difficult operating conditions, highly specialized chemistry is required to help in controlling the larger than normal amounts of soot and acids. This diesel engine oil’s chemistry is quite effective because of its robust levels of neutralizing acids and soot controlling chemistry. This specialty blend motor oil effectively suspends soot and particulate matter over the duration of operation, thus minimizing and preventing unnecessary wear to liners, rings, and valve train components. Diesel Engine Oil 15W40 is able to deal with the various issues associated with Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) that are found in a multitude of diesel engine designs. Many diesel engines are engineered to operate at much higher temperature levels, which places an extreme burden on motor oil. Also factor in to these higher temperatures the exhaust gasses and together, these two problems areas can cause damaging oxidation of the motor oil. Also, if the EGR system is malfunctioning, then motor oil can degrade and oxidize even faster. This diesel motor oil is designed to anticipate such potentially negative events by utilizing a highly robust oxidation inhibitor that easily counteracts sludge or oxidation. Please note that it is suggested that motor oil be analyzed to monitor what is going on with the internal engine operation and the condition of the motor oil. This scientific oil analysis will help a preventative maintenance program catch any potential problems before they become serious and ultimately help to increase drain intervals and reduce downtime.

Better Soot Control

Diesel Engine Oil 15W40 is formulated with extreme duty dispersants. They’ll effectively help to control varnish, eliminate sludge, and the potential thickening of soot. In addition, they control any other potential damaging particulates or deposits by keeping them in suspension so that they can be filtered out of the oil system.

Superior TBN Retention

One area that illustrates the vast difference in the superior quality of Diesel Engine Oil 15W40 versus conventional diesel engine oils is its TBN retention. Typical conventional diesel oils offer poor TBN retention abilities. In sharp contrast, this diesel engine oil can retain its original Total Base Number (TBN) over a long period of time. This much higher level of protection delivered by Diesel Engine Oil 15W40 shows its ability to provide superior protection in reducing ring and liner wear. When a diesel engine is in full operation, 16,000 gallons of air are sucked in every minute. Understand that air is made up of 60% nitrogen. This means that because of the high level of nitrogen in the air and the vast amount of air that is sucked in to the motor, the potential for high levels of acid being produced due to the nitrogen content, this acidic forming process is very detrimental to engine components and to engine oil. There is one important property for a motor oil to combat and neutralize damaging acid, and that would be its Total Base Number (TBN) retention capability. The stronger the Total Base Number retention ability is, the better the motor oil is at combating acids. Typical conventional diesel oils normally show average to poor Total Base Number retention performance. Compare that to Diesel Engine Oil 15W40’s astounding Total Base Number retention properties that offers far superior acid neutralizing abilities over all other conventional and major brand diesel engine oils.

Oil Consumption Reduction

If a heavy equipment operation is looking to reduce their maintenance costs, one area that offers potential is through the use of a higher quality, high performance motor oil. Diesel Engine Oil 15W40 with its superior base stocks and chemistry can offer serious cost reductions via its ability in greatly reducing oil consumption and its proven record of extending drain intervals. In actual field testing, this diesel motor oil was able to cut oil consumption by as much as 60%. By reducing oil consumption and increasing drain intervals, this translates to using less oil and less downtime. These factors and more translate to cost savings.

To summarize, Diesel Engine Oil 15W40 with its unique blend of high quality specialty base oils, its high performance additive chemistry, its extraordinary levels of TBN retention, users of this motor oil can expect better fuel mileage, less component wear, a reduction in oil consumption, and longer drain intervals.

Comes in 6 gallon pails, 35 gallon drums, and 55 gallon drums.