Cold Weather Hydraulic Fluid


Cold Weather Hydraulic Fluid is custom blended to produce superior hydraulic control when oil must operate at cold weather temperatures that reach -50 degrees F. It offers superior oxidation stability, unparalleled anti-wear protection, state-of-the-art additive chemistry, cold temperature performance, and is versatile for many different applications.

Conventional brand name universal tractor fluids found on the market typically have a cold-weather pour point of zero degrees F. This pour point limits such oil’s ability to provide proper lubrication at cooler temperatures. Cold Weather Hydraulic Fluid was engineered to provide superior cold-weather performance due to its low pour point of -50 degrees F. When cold temperatures can dip to a cold -50 degrees F, Cold Weather Hydraulic Fluid provides the necessary performance when machinery must operate in such a cold environment.

Cold Weather Hydraulic Fluid has over 96 years of lubrication experience and know-how to create an extraordinary universal torque fluid. When comparing the additive chemistry between a conventional torque fluid and Cold Weather Hydraulic Fluid, it offers more than 2.5 times larger amounts of the necessary additives that are required to pass rigid pump manufacturer’s tests. This high-performance additive chemistry has 2.5 times the anti-foam, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidant, anti-rust, anti-wear, friction modifying agents, seal protectant additives, pour point depressants, and much more. With such a robust volume of the finest quality additives, expect the superior performance your expensive equipment requires and deserves.

Today’s modern equipment creates much tougher and more difficult operating conditions for lubricants to operate in. The stress levels placed on lubricants and equipment today far surpasses what was expected in the past. Modern equipment is more powerful, larger, and there are more hydraulic systems in use. Together, these more powerful systems have increased the operating temperatures they must perform in. As systems become stressed and pushed to their limits, heat is increased, temperatures rise, and lubricating oils are exposed to faster oxidation. Cold Weather Hydraulic Fluid, with its heavy-duty base oils and additive package, helps to resist damaging oxidation by first utilizing specialty refined base stock oils. These oils are extremely thermally stable, have had all impurities and waxes removed and extracted, they have high viscosity indexes of 145, and can operate in a broad temperature range, both cold and extremely hot. These high-quality base oils are naturally resistant to oxidation. Next, super heavy-duty antioxidant agents are blended in at high volume and they inhibit any potential oxidation that can occur at elevated temperatures. By resisting oxidation, the service life of the lubricant can be extended.

Cold Weather Hydraulic Fluid offers superior anti-wear protection. Due to its high viscosity index base oils of 145 and its low pour point of -50 degrees F, Cold Weather Hydraulic Fluid works hard to reduce any wear through a very broad temperature range. When temperatures are cold or during cold startups, this low pour point lubricant ensures pumps and critical components stay lubricated. When temperatures become hot and extreme, this thermally stable fluid, with its strong film strength, maintains oil viscosity at these high temperatures. Additionally, a generous amount of zinc (o.20 %), which is a very effective anti-wear additive, provides additional pump protection in the severest of hydraulic service conditions. Also, any metal alloys are protected from corrosion, since this oil is non-corrosive. Cold Weather Hydraulic Fluid also helps to protect seals, keeping them pliable and in service over long periods of time, which translates to eliminating or reducing any potential leakage due to its superior seal protection additive chemistry.

Cold Weather Hydraulic Fluid was specifically engineered to be extremely versatile and offer performance in a very wide temperature range. Whether it must operate in severely cold weather or in extremely hot environments, it simplifies your inventory by offering a year-round lubricant anywhere that an SAE 20 weight hydraulic or torque converter oil might find an application. It is the perfect universal torque fluid to be used in any hydraulic system or gearbox. Tractors that especially operate in cold weather find it is perfect to be used for wet brakes and PTOs, hydraulics, transmissions, and final drives.