Citrus D’limolene Degreaser


Citrus D’limolene Degreaser is an all purpose cleaner/degreaser that is formulated to loosen and penetrate the toughest dirt, grease, and soil stains. Citrus D’limolene Degreaser is a proprietary formulation engineered by using citrus solvents, a unique combination of anionic and non-ionic surfactants that work synergistically together, as well as unique chelating agents. This economical, yet powerful multi-purpose cleaner can be safely used on most surfaces that can be cleaned with water found in grocery stores, motels, schools, hospitals, body shops, industrial factories, municipalities, etc. D’limolene, or citrus oil, is considered a solvent which is an extracted byproduct removed from citrus fruit rinds. For a natural product, it provides powerful solvent action that efficiently works in breaking down both organic and synthetic solvents. Because of the use of two extremely effective surfactants, they work together to loosen up, penetrate, and remove tough to clean grime, dirt, and stains that lesser cleaners fail to clean. Citrus D’limolene Degreaser is highly concentrated and economical to use. Even at the lowest usage level of one ounce per gallon, it outperforms other conventional commercial cleaners. It is a heavy duty, economical, versatile all purpose cleaner that is USDA C-1 authorized, with a pH of 12.0.

Please note: If used in federally inspected meat and poultry plants, a water rinse is required. For routine cleaning, only one ounce per gallon is necessary. For medium duty cleaning, try 4 ounces per gallon. When heavy duty degreasing is needed, try diluting 8 ounces per gallon of water. It can be easily applied with a sponge, a trigger sprayer, or a mop. Simply wipe off or rinse with water.

Comes in 6 gallon pail.