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Champion Polishing Cloth… A Scrubber Like No Other! (Size 9″ x 12″)

Restore brass, copper, jewelry, silverware and chrome to their sparkling best… great for polishing guns… and so much more!

The Champion Polishing Cloth will remove tarnish. It is a proven, 90 year old,  made in the USA, brass, gold, silver, metal, and jewelry polishing cloth.

Got some precious metals in need of some extra TLC? Got a rusty pile of muck you’ve been neglecting for too long? Or maybe you’ve been having too much fun on your favorite furniture?! No matter how deep and dirty the mess is on your most precious possessions… you’re in luck! Champion Polishing Cloth is a wizard when it comes to cleaning up, well, pretty much anything actually! And don’t you worry, there’ll be no nasty sediment left in her wake, and most definitely she will not harm any enameled or varnished surfaces… with her most delicate touch she will restore and renew any metal surface. With her fine wax coating and protective chemicals, she’ll leave a longstanding luster and ruthlessly protect your surfaces against rust or tarnish forever more! Your imagination is your only limit to the number of ways you can use your Champion Polishing Cloth to create more sparkle in your life! She will…

  • Eliminate corrosive stains from metal.
  • Effectively removes dry water stains from fine wooden furniture.
  • Rids any minor scratches from your wooden furniture surfaces.
  • Take away blemishes from electrical appliances and stove tops.
  • Magically take away paint stains from metal appliances, glass surfaces, tile, etc.
  • Effectively removes rust on bathroom tubs, sinks, chrome bumpers, chrome trim, wheel wells, etc.
  • Protect, clean, and polish all types of metal surfaces on your precious motorcycle. Will remove the bluing stains on your chrome exhaust pipes. Helps to eliminate rust, pitting, and/or oxidation from chrome surfaces
  • Safely polishes away without hurting any iron or non-iron based metal, precision metal products, die molds, or sensitive machinery.
  • Dissolves away filthy road grime from window shields and car body surfaces.
  • It is the musicians best cleaning partner. Cleans and polishes tarnished drum cymbals, effectively cleans and protects all brass instruments, safely cleans and polishes string and musical wooden instruments, such as guitars, violins, etc. Eliminates rosin buildup from violins.
  • Protects and polishes wooden and enameled parts. Removes rusted and corroded stains from metal golf club heads, boats, outdoor motors, golf clubs, etc. Removes any sticky gum from fishing lures.
  • For the sportsman hobbyist, the Champion Polishing Cloth helps you clean, polish, and protect your golf gear,  fishing gear, brass and bronze parts on your sailboat, etc. For the gun and hunting enthusiast, you now have the finest cleaning and polishing cloth available. It will remove lead and circular burn marks, and eliminate the accumulation of carbon, rust, and plastic buildup on rifles, handguns, and shotguns.
  • Can be cut into small square pieces, and then utilized for cleaning out power fouling, copper fouling, lead fouling and plastic fouling from gun bores.
  • Minimizes the requirements for a gun lubricant
  • Effective in cleaning, polishing, and protecting stainless steel or nickel based guns.

Champion Polishing Cloth is your best friend for cleaning:

Sterling Silver Brass Tools
Plated Silverware Auto Bodies Machinery Care
Pewter Bronze Marine Maintenance
Gold Furniture Tool Maintenance
Nickel Enamel Pots and Pans
Steel Ceramic Tile Appliances
Aluminum Guns Porcelain
Copper Cutlery Bath Fixtures

With a single Champion Polishing Cloth on your team you can wave goodbye to 1 gallon of metal or furniture polish. Containing nothing harmful to the hands, she’ll perform superbly on even the most delicate finishes. She’ll clean and polish ANY surface – Metal, Wood, Glass, Tile… and more!

Champion Polishing Cloth… A Scrubber Like No Other!
Harm-free handling, delicate touch for all the possessions you love so much!

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