Bronze Worm Gear Oil


Bronze Worm Gear Oil is a brilliant product that offers benefits such as long life, water resistance, foam resistance, superior quality and performance, and adhesive/cohesive properties. It is a unique oil because it is specially engineered to safely lubricate bronze yellow metals such as found in the worm wheel portion of the gear set. These bronze yellow metals should not be lubricated with extreme pressure gear lubricants that are rated for extreme pressure. These EP rated gear oils utilize EP additives that are too harsh for yellow metals. Bronze Worm Gear Oil instead is formulated with acid-less tallow as the metal wetting agent. With its vast 96 years of lubrication experience and technology, all the necessary care has been engineered into Bronze Worm Gear Oil to make sure that the anti-oxidation additives used in this specialized formula will provide the acid-less tallow the long life necessary to protect in this application.

Bronze Worm Gear Oil is designed to be highly water-resistant. Its unique chemistry gives it superior resistance to any washing effect caused by moisture. In fact, this unique chemistry gives it an outstanding ability to retain the necessary lubrication and sealing films. Other conventional worm gear lubricant manufacturers have to formulate a much heavier weight oil to overcome any moisture issues. This is not the case with Bronze Worm Gear Oil. Because of our long experience in the lubricant manufacturing industry, we were able to engineer a product in a viscosity that is extremely popular in the industry and that can resist any moisture issues. By being able to offer the correct and not excessive viscosity, this gear lubricant offers the benefits of less fluid drag on the gears and less friction, resulting in less heat and wasted energy. These savings are not possible with the heavier viscosity competitive conventional worm gear oils. Bronze Worm Gear Oil delivers you energy efficiency and vast reductions in friction, all adding to longer equipment life, less downtime, and more profits to your bottom line.

A critical issue that needs to be addressed in any worm gear situation is foaming. Foam is considered an insulator. When foaming occurs, temperatures start to soar and foam insulates and traps the heat, which creates a vicious cycle of unnecessary wear, oil consumption, and energy consumption. A lubricant without foam and air is virtually non-compressible, but a lubricant with foam and air can be ruptured, which leads to metal-to-metal contact and the cycle of increasing temperatures, Bronze Worm Gear Oil is designed with a robust volume of specialized anti-foam agents. This anti-foam chemistry makes it certain that any air that finds its way into the lubricant will be forced to rise to the top surface where the air bubbles will break, thus releasing the air. This lubricant’s superior ability at reducing and eliminating foam greatly helps to lower operating temperatures while providing superior lubrication and a reduction in friction.

Much research, energy, and testing went into the design and formulation of Bronze Worm Gear Oil, and the use of the highest possible quality of acid-less tallow. It was extremely important that the correct acid-less tallow was chosen, so as to be sure that the tallow would be able to effectively lubricate the worm gear set and be resistant to any wiping or sliding action of such a gear system design. Without a doubt, all that research and testing was a success because Bronze Worm Gear Oil has no peer in its ability to adhere to the metal and its total resistance against any wiping or sliding action. In fact, the acid-less tallow can even provide superior protection in worm gear drives that are exposed to overloaded conditions. Most OEMs that manufacture worm gear sets with bronze worm wheels are recommending a lubricant formulated with approximately 3% to 5% acid-less tallow. Worm Gear Lube has chosen to go with 5% tallow, and it does an incredible job at providing a very low coefficient of friction, which translates to lower temperatures, a reduction in energy consumption, and less wear.

It was important to manufacture a lubricant that would offer a long service life. Much effort went into Bronze Worm Gear Oil. An extra amount of superior antioxidant additives were utilized in the formula. These high-performance additives in fact vastly lengthen the life of the acid-less tallow, making sure of the tallow’s ability to effectively wet the metal. Also, these antioxidant additives help provide superior lubrication and give extended service life to the oil. The top tier quality of the acid-less tallow in Bronze Worm Gear Oil greatly improves its load carrying capabilities. It is important to know and feel assured that the acid-less tallow will not chemically attack or tarnish the bronze yellow metal used in the manufacture of the worm gear part set. To prove this, Bronze Worm Gear Oil was put through the ASTM D-130 copper corrosion test. The result of this test shows it passing with the highest possible rating, which is 1A. 1A means that there was only a slight change of color from how the new test copper strip looked before the test was conducted.

There are two situations where Bronze Worm Gear Oil helps to solve real problems and goes beyond the normal convention. This lubricant’s unique adhesive and cohesive properties helps in solving some of the issues caused by these two situations. The first situation is where the worm shaft is positioned under the gear and it is this anti-friction bearing, which is used on the worm shaft to take the end thrust, which is the real problem in this type of gear set. Certain companies recommend lightweight viscosity worm gear oils to lubricate the bearings when the worm shaft is positioned under the worm wheel. The problem with the use of such a light oil will cause excessive metal-to-metal contact on the worm shaft and worm wheel. Additionally, excessive friction and wear of the gear set are the byproducts of using these very light oils, not to mention wasteful energy consumption. In this particular situation, Bronze Worm Gear Oil, with its adhesive and cohesive properties, provides a lubricant that will stick or cling to the worm shaft bearings, thus reducing and preventing friction without the need of having to use a conventional lighter viscosity lubricant. Since this worm gear lubricant is formulated as a slightly heavier viscosity then most conventional gear lubes, it will impart superior lubrication to the critical bearings without the worm gear set missing out on proper lubrication. The next situation is when the worm shaft is located above the gear. Now, many companies go in the opposite direction and try to recommend a much too high viscosity oil to lubricate the wheel and the worm. If too high a viscosity is used, the worm shaft bearings could suffer. Bronze Worm Gear Oil, with its adhesive and cohesive properties and its perfect ISO 680 weight (AGMA #8 Compound) provides the necessary lubrication for this situation.