Best Truck Wash Detergent


The Best Truck Wash Detergent is a safe biodegradable, extremely versatile cleaner. Its chemistry was purposefully engineered to be economical and extremely concentrated. A little product goes a long way. It is a fantastic truck and heavy equipment cleaner. The more difficult soils to be cleaned, the more the Best Truck Wash Detergent is up to the challenge. Its exclusive chemistry was designed to quickly penetrate stubborn dirt and grime on practically any surface, including floors, industrial equipment, fleet vehicles, painted surfaces, walls, and many more. This versatile one-of-a-kind cleaner is long lasting and even at its most diluted mixture ratios packs a powerful cleaning punch. It will clean any surface and most types of metal. No matter if there is grease, petroleum oils, mud, dirt, ink mist, stained white sidewall tires, and many endless other soiled surfaces, expect fast results and bright shiny surfaces.

To show its versatility, it has found success as a concrete form release agent by preventing concrete from sticking to forms and equipment. It is an extremely effective steam cleaning cleaner. Together with steam, this biodegradable cleaner works fast to rid virtually any surface of grime and dirt. Because of how quickly and effective it goes to work, and because of the amazing results, cleaning tasks can be conducted faster and more consistently. This truck wash detergent helps at keeping equipment cleaner, which translates to extended equipment life. This of course improves the bottom line of your operation.

Consistent use with steam cleaning equipment will help in preventing any scaly deposits from forming on steam cleaner coils. This safe cleaner does not utilize any acids, harsh alkalis, or petroleum solvents in its formulation. There are no toxic or noxious fumes being emitted and its almost completely odorless. It does not contain any abrasives that could scratch or dull surfaces and it is safe to use on surfaces that are not damaged by water.

Only the latest chemistry technology and state-of-the-art cleaning additives are formulated in the design of this high-performance cleaner. To illustrate its superiority as a cleaner, this fine cleaner even exceeds one of the most common Mil spec aircraft cleaner specifications. Its unique chemistry allows it to act as a superior wetting agent, thus changing surface tension. This allows water to cover surfaces much more effectively and faster, thus allowing this product to clean fantastically.

The word biodegradable has been in existence for some time in American vocabulary. When detergents came into existence and use, the word biodegradable started to find its place. Apparently, there are certain parts found in detergents that cause contamination of streams and lakes. If stable foams are caused in fast moving water, problems arise. If surfactants are not biodegradable, then there are potential dangers to underground fresh water supplies. Many cities now have ordinances that require all detergents to be biodegradable. This product utilizes biodegradable surfactants that meet these requirements. These biodegradable surfactants easily break down and will not cause harm to underground water supplies, fish, and water life. Any stable foam issues are eliminated in sewage plants.

During testing and in field use, this product effectively and efficiently cleans. This fast-acting cleaner will get difficult cleaning tasks done faster than conventional cleaners. Whether surfaces are encrusted with oil, dirt, fats, or scaly substances, it penetrates deep down, leaving the surfaces clean and bright. This fine liquid cleaner that is highly concentrated mixes fast and easy and no special mixing equipment is required. It effectively mixes in either hot or cold water, allowing you to start cleaning immediately by applying with spray, brush, mop, or cloth.

For those tough cleaning tasks where there is an extreme amount of grease and tough grime, the Best Truck Wash Detergent can be mixed together with a solvent like kerosene. Many of today’s conventional cleaners do not stay mixed with solvents, and they tend to separate quickly, thus losing any cleaning potential. One the other hand, this is not the case with the Best Truck Wash Detergent. It mixes and stays mixed with a solvent such as kerosene. This type of cleaning solution will quickly go to work emulsifying any caked-on grease, dirt, and soils that are typically difficult to clean with conventional cleaners. It will do a more complete cleaning job in less time when compared to other similar conventional cleaners.