Best Synthetic Oil For Diesel Trucks


The Best Synthetic Oil For Diesel Trucks is a Top Tier engine oil. Specifically engineered to outperform conventional 5W40 engine oils in the following specific areas: protection against wear, reduced fuel consumption, and resistance to oxidation. It has no competition when looking for a superior motor oil to protect your expensive heavy equipment. Many years of lubrication formulation experience has gone into this 5W40 engine oil. With this vast experience, you benefit from an engine oil that is formulated with an exclusive base stock combination. This 5W40 motor oil uses a unique combination of high viscosity index synthetic base oils. This base oil combination gives you a high lubricity, high film strength, ultra thermally stable engine oil.

The goal in the creation of this 5W40 engine oil was to offer heavy equipment and fleet operators a real, yet simple way to reap unprecedented savings. By formulating into the motor oil a robust volume of friction-modifying additives and an incredible ability to retain the oil’s original Total Base Number over a longer period of time, your engine is able to operate easier by expending less energy. This translates to an improvement in fuel efficiency and economy of 1% to 3%. Also, oil drain intervals can be extended up to 3 times longer than conventional 5W40 engine oils, through the use of Oil Analysis. Choosing the Best Synthetic Oil For Diesel Trucks, with its friction-modifying chemistry and superior Total Base Number retention, you can expect unparalleled savings.

Studies have shown that 80% of engine wear happens when a cold engine is first started up due to a lack of lubrication from the engine oil. Through the use of a unique combination of synthetic base stocks that have a high viscosity index and naturally low fluid flow resistance, this 5W40 synthetic engine oil is able to vastly reduce cold start-up engine wear. Its unique base stocks contain highly polar characteristics. This means that the oil naturally clings to the metal surfaces deep into its valleys and crevices found in the metal naturally. Regardless of the fact that most of the oil drains back to the oil sump, a certain percentage of the oil clings to the metal, thus eliminating a large percentage of dry starts. Coupled with this polar oil are anti-wear, anti-friction additives that chemically plate the metal surfaces of the engine. This plating protects critical engine parts during cold startups.

When designing the Best Synthetic Oil For Diesel Trucks, the goal was to offers an extended drain interval oil. To get there, it was critical this 5W40 engine oil be resistant to oxidation. Oxidation is the most common reason that causes an engine oil to degrade quickly. To attack this problem head-on, an extremely heavy additive chemistry containing heavy duty detergents and acid neutralizers that work together to eliminate any buildup of deposits, elimination of any possibility of oil thickening, and acidification. This accomplishes the intended goal of an engine oil that is resistant to oxidation, thereby providing drain oil intervals of up to 3 times longer than conventional 5W40 engine oils. Increased drain intervals are accomplished with the Best Synthetic Oil For Diesel Trucks through scientific Oil Analysis.