Best Synthetic Engine Oil For Diesel Engines


If your goal is to improve fuel economy in your fleet from 1% to 3%, then the only choice is the Best Synthetic Engine Oil For Diesel Engines, meeting the CJ-4 specifications. This oil has a viscosity of 5W40. The benefits of choosing this superior diesel engine oil are as follows: better cold start performance, reduction in wear and friction, improvements in fuel economy, and increased profits through needing to purchase less fuel.

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You can realize up to 3% better fuel economy with the Best Synthetic Engine Oil For Diesel Engines.








The majority of engine wear occurs during cold start ups. The goal for the engine oil is to flow as quickly as possibly when it’s cold to protect the critical engine parts from unnecessary wear. This 5W40 high-performance lubricant is without a doubt the finest motor oil on the market for protecting your diesel engine during cold start ups. To accomplish maximum protection for your engine at start up, the finest synthetic base oils are chosen. These synthetic base oils are man-made and designed with a molecular structure of evenly sized molecules that flow freely when the engine and oil are cold. Conventional petroleum-based oils used by major brand lubricant companies are comprised of of molecules of different sizes, causing the oil to be thick and difficult to flow during cold starts. Besides the top-of-the-line synthetic base oils that are used, this motor oil utilizes a unique friction-fighting anti-wear additive called liquid molybdenum. Liquid molybdenum offers your diesel engine unparalleled wear protection not only during cold start ups, but also during extreme operating conditions. Think of this liquid molybdenum as an added insurance policy against unwanted engine wear. Utilizing this oil provides your hard working engine with a two-pronged lubricant. This oil not only provides the necessary protection through the heavy duty synthetic base oils, but also as an added bonus, unlike conventional oils you get the liquid molybdenum as a backup.

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Drastically decrease engine wear during cold start ups with a motor oil that utilizes synthetic base oils and friction-fighting liquid molybdenum.







When this lubricant was first engineered, the goal was to make a 5W40 diesel motor oil that would provide engine protection beyond any conventional or competitive product. The goal was to make the finest oil possible. To reach that lofty goal, a larger-than-normal volume of additives were used in the unique formulation. Your engine, when working out in the field, is put through extreme operating conditions and is asked to continuously perform the toughest tasks during extreme temperatures. One of the culprits that can quickly degrade a diesel engine oil is acid. If the diesel engine oil does not contain enough heavy-duty acid neutralizers and detergents to combat damaging acids, the oil will quickly start to break down. This breakdown caused by the unwanted acid will create varnish and deposit buildup. This motor oil is blended with an abundance of acid neutralizers and detergents. It has an amazing Total Base Number of 15. Compare that TBN 15  to conventional diesel oils that average in the 7-8 TBN range. This oil will deliver long service life. Beyond this industry-high TBN 15 number, you get a robust antioxidant additive package that will provide lasting levels of cleanliness and alkalinity for your motor.

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Acid is a killer of motor oils. The Best Synthetic Engine Oil For Diesel Engines offers a Total Base Number of 15, which will neutralize and stop acid in its tracks.







Through the use of the finest heavy duty man-made synthetic base oils, your engine will be protected throughout a vast temperature range. If your equipment is sitting outside during brutally cold winter temperatures, this high-quality motor oil offers a Pour Point of -40 degrees F. This means the oil will not thicken and will quickly flow throughout your engine during cold startups, providing the protection it needs. Don’t forget, with its liquid Moly dry starts are a thing of the past due to this unique additive providing a permanent layer of protection to the metal parts it comes in contact with. When temperatures become extreme, the synthetic base oils and heavy duty additives will easily handle any extreme operating conditions.

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The synthetic base stocks inthis high-performance motor oil will help decrease engine wear, deliver longer drain intervals, and allow you to purchase less oil.








By investing in this premium 5W40 motor oil with liquid molybdenum, you’re providing your expensive and hard-working equipment the lubrication protection they deserve. The benefits this oil will provide are numerous, such as better fuel economy up to 3%, a reduction in engine wear leading to extended motor life, longer drain intervals which means having to buy less oil, less downtime, and longer periods on the job. Overall, the Best Synthetic Engine Oil For Diesel Engines will pay for itself and help your bottom line.

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This synthetic Moly motor oil will offer the following benefits: fuel savings, less engine wear, longer oil drain intervals, less downtime, and more profits.