Best Synthetic Differential Gear Oil


The Best Synthetic Differential Gear Oil is blended as a SAE 80W90 and as a SAE 80W140. By utilizing the finest synthetic base oils, it offers excellent cold weather capabilities. In addition, both weights utilize high viscosity index formulation that resists high temperature oxidation. Another benefit is this synthetic formulation delivers very strong film strength, which provides excellent protection to metal parts, thus extending the life of all gear components. Ideally, SAE 80W90 would be the choice for cold weather temperatures for use in manual transmissions. When the application exposes gears to extreme pressure, the choice would be our SAE80W140 that offers a Timken OK Load of 85 pounds. This synthetic gear oil can also be used in limited slip differentials.

This gear oil can offer the owner/operator the potential of 1% and more savings in fuel usage. By utilizing a unique combination of base oils and friction reducing additives, friction and fluid drag are reduced without compromising critical lubrication protection to gears, bearings, and other important components. When comparing this 1% PLUS fuel efficiency savings versus conventional gear lubricants, this high-performance synthetic gear oil delivers superior benefits to the owner/operator, which translates into higher profits, less equipment downtime, and superior performance.

The Best Synthetic Differential Gear Oil utilizes heavy duty, long lasting gear oil additives in more abundant quantities than conventional gear lubricants. Combine this generous gear additive package with superior synthetic base oils and you end up with a gear lubricant that will offer much longer drain interval abilities. These extended drain intervals means much lower downtime and higher profits due to your equipment working and performing as intended. When comparing this gear oil’s additive package to conventional gear oils, you’ll find higher quantities of the following additives: antioxidants, rust and corrosion inhibitors, anti-wear additives, friction modifiers, etc. The total formulation offers outstanding hot and cold temperature performance that far exceeds conventional gear lubricants.

This differential gear oil is in its element when dealing with extreme high temperature operating conditions. It will outperform conventional gear oils when extreme heat is an issue or a commonplace environment. It utilizes thermally stable synthetic base oils and additives. The goal was to make a gear oil capable of withstanding extreme heat and eliminate the potential for gear lubricant degradation, which helps eliminate the potential of gears freezing up. Also, because of its high temperature stability, you will notice the need for less inventory when compared to conventional gear oils because the need for makeup oil is almost non-existent. That’s more money in the bank.

This synthetic differential gear oil utilizes a unique combination of synthetic base oils. Because of their unique characteristics, this gear lubricant will deliver superior performance during extreme cold weather conditions. Simply peruse our specification sheet and you’ll notice the superior low pour points and channel points, both leading to excellent cold weather performance. The Best Synthetic Differential Gear Oil is the choice gear oil for any cold weather conditions in heavy equipment whether on the highway or off the road. In addition, there are many industrial uses this gear lubricant can lend itself.

Our chemists wanted to create a superior flowing gear lubricant that would deliver safe and effective protection to all critical components regardless of the temperatures and conditions they would be exposed to. Whether the upper gears, the pinion bearings, or differential channels need lubrication, this premium synthetic gear oil can be depended on to perform. Knowing there is a gear lubricant that delivers high performance in a vast temperature range makes it useful to the heavy equipment and industrial user. All this is possible due to its formulation, which utilizes a generously robust gear additive package and superior base stocks, which when comparing with conventional lubricants makes it the best choice when looking for a versatile gear oil.

One of the main culprits to deal with in any gear box or differential is foaming. Foaming is an insidious negative issue that if left unchecked will cause unnecessary metal-to-metal contact and lead to thermal instability, which could ultimately cause gear box failure. This high-quality gear oil utilizes a generous amount of the finest anti-foaming agent available. This anti-foam chemistry virtually eliminates any foaming issues and will vastly reduce foaming in the most extreme environments. By reducing foaming, high temperatures are reduced, wear metals are reduced, and lubricant life is vastly extended. By keeping temperatures down, you greatly reduce any varnish and sludge buildup and component wear is extended, all leading to a reduction in downtime and an increase in performance and profits.

Comes in 45 pound pail.

The Best Synthetic Differential Gear Oil is formulated to meet and/or exceed MIL-L-2105D, MIL-L-2105E, Mack GO-G, Mack GO-H/GO-HS, Mack GO-J, Mack GO-J Plus (SAE 80W90), Rockwell 0-76, API GL-5, API MT-1, Ford M2C-105A, Clark MS-8, General Electric D50E9C, Harnischfeger (P&H) 474, Brockway, U.S. Steel 224 Demulsibility, AGMA 250-03 Demulsibility, Axle Division Dana Corporation, and Eaton/Rockwell 750,000 Extended Warranty Coverage. It also meets and exceeds the PG-2 Thermal Stability Test requirements.

80W/90 Specifications: API GL-5/MT-1, Scania STO 1:0, Eaton Roadranger Extended Drain (E500), Mack GO-J Plus, Arvin Meritor O76N, O-76E, International TMS-6816, SAE J2360 (MIL-E), ZF TE-ML 07A/08, ZF TE-ML 05B/12B/16F/19C/21B, ZF TE-ML 17B, MAN 342 Type M2, Dana SHAES 429 Rev. A, DANA SHAES 256 Rev. C, MB 235.8, Voith Turbo 3.325-340/3.325-342, Flender BA 7302 Table R1
80W/140 Specifications: Dana SHAES 256 Rev. A, Dana SHAES 429, API GL-5/MT-1, Scania STO 1:0, Mack GO-J, Arvin Meritor O-76N, International TMS-6816, SAE J2360 (MIL-E) ZF TE-ML 05/B/12B/16F/19C/21B