Best Surfactant for Herbicides


Best Surfactant for Herbicides is a highly engineered custom-blended surfactant designed to be a non-foaming wetting agent that will greatly reduce the surface tension of both water and chemicals. This one-of-a-kind surfactant was engineered for modern spraying systems. The superior non-foaming aspect of this surfactant greatly reduces foam in the chemicals that it is combined with. In almost all cases, it eliminates the need for an additional de-foaming agent to be added. Its unique chemistry is designed to break down surface tension. By breaking the surface tension, the bead of water/chemical is forced to break down, sheet, and penetrate faster. This premium surfactant makes it possible for a much more potent application, resulting in far less evaporation and runoff. This results in a far more efficient and cost-effective treatment per application.

Best Surfactant for Herbicides is a farmer’s best friend and problem solver. For example, pesticides are found to be naturally water-resistant. By using this surfactant, it allows pesticides and water to bond and stay mixed more thoroughly. It will take up any challenge, whether it involves fungicides, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers, or water. An example where this surfactant rises to the challenge would be in the application of chemicals onto waxy leaf plants. Chemicals by themselves are not able to penetrate waxy leaf plants. Best Surfactant for Herbicides’s unique chemistry will now allow the surface tension to break. When the chemical is applied, it can now penetrate effectively the waxy barrier found on the leaf. In regards to contact kill products that are blended with this superior surfactant, they now provide a much stronger, longer-lasting kill.

Irrigation water or chemicals that are mixed together with this surfactant become much more effective. Another interesting and useful aspect that is engineered into its chemistry is how it can benefit spraying equipment. Spraying equipment can benefit through the use of this high-quality surfactant because it is able to vastly reduce mineral and salt deposits that could accumulate on spray nozzles. Keeping spray nozzles clean and clear of any harmful deposits allows them to spray efficiently and properly, thus saving money through the efficient dispensing of chemicals, not to mention keeping spray nozzles lasting a long time.

Best Surfactant for Herbicides is designed as a non-ionic surfactant that can be safely used on deciduous trees, grasses, edible crops, and vegetation. It has a pH level in the range of 9-10 as a concentrate and a pH of 7/neutral in a mixed solution of 1:800 ratio. It is non-corrosive, thus making it very safe to use on the applicator and the application equipment. This surfactant is non-ionic. To be non-ionic means that it is not affected by the chemical bond between two oppositely charged ions. This is very important when using certain chemicals where if by chance their negative or positive charges were to change, a chemical would become ineffective. Since this surfactant has a neutral charge, this means that water and chemicals can work together to provide the correct and needed uniform application.

Best Surfactant for Herbicides is a versatile and multi-functional product that can benefit many areas that it is used in. For example, for controlling dust on dirt roads, this surfactant can be mixed with water and sprayed on these dirt areas for dust reduction. Another example would be using this high-quality surfactant during road destruction by applying directly onto asphalt, thus preventing the asphalt from sticking or adhering to the teeth on the equipment. Yet another example would be to use it on golf courses. The obvious application is using Best Surfactant for Herbicides for improving chemical / fertilizer applications, but there is another application that may not be considered but where it can still be very helpful. It can be used and applied directly onto water puddles found on the course after heavy rain. By adding this concentrate directly onto these water puddles, it will quickly break down the surface tension, thus making it possible for the water to quickly be absorbed into the ground much faster. Also, fire departments would greatly benefit from this concentrate in making their water to fight fire much more effective. Best Surfactant for Herbicides is a state-of-the-art surfactant wetting agent that can provide a myriad of functions, such as a rinse aid, a dispersant, and a pentrant.