Best Oil For Turbo Diesel Engines


The Best Oil For Turbo Diesel Engines can provide numerous benefits. Following are just a select few. It can enhance fuel economy by effectively lowering friction and drag. Through oil analysis, engine oil service life can be greatly extended by up to 3 times longer. Specialized moly will lower cold temperature start up wear, which means longer engine life. This high-performance blended synthetic blend motor oil provides long service life between drain intervals, thus lowering the requirement for waste oil disposal.

With all the massive changes that have occurred in the heavy equipment industry engine and lubricant specifications, this engine oil is engineered with only the absolute best additives and base oils. A unique blending process is used that creates a synergistic effect on both the additive chemistry and base stocks, resulting in a high performing engine oil. The Best Oil For Turbo Diesel Engines utilizes thermally stable base stocks to protect diesel engines over a broad range of temperatures, both cold and extremely hot. As always, the additive chemistry uses higher-than-normal volumes of additives to provide superior protection. These robust quantities of additives such as anti wear, antioxidant, detergent, dispersant, anti-foam-inhibitor, pour-point depressant, rust and corrosion inhibitor, moly, high VI solvent extracted paraffin base oil, synthetic base oil, and friction-modifying agents, provide maximum protection over long periods of service use. As an added insurance policy, this unique motor oil contains moly. Think of moly as an extra insurance policy for your engine’s protection. It delivers reduced friction and reduced engine wear. Additionally, it helps lower engine temperatures.

This high-performance engine oil is engineered to deliver excellent Total Base Number retention. Retaining an oil’s original TBN number over a long period of time is extremely important in helping this oil to battle the increased acids that form in motors using SCR and EGR tech systems. With its superior TBN retention capabilities, expect damaging corrosive acids to be kept in check and eliminated, thus providing you a clean engine that provides extended service and giving maximum engine protection.

Here are the following benefits for the Best Oil For Turbo Diesel Engines:

  • Long drain intervals up to 3X longer with our Oil Analysis Program
  • Exceeds most OEM engine builder recommendations and specs, so you only need one oil for most of your needs
  • Cooler engine operating temps from a reduction of friction and drag, translating to improved fuel economy
  • A multi-grade viscosity engine oil that delivers superior fuel economy
  • Superior TBN retention capabilities, neutralizes acids, keeping engines clean and oil performing over long periods of time