Best Oil For Saddles


Best Oil for Saddles is a straw-colored oil that is blended with other natural lubricants, thus making it useful in conditioning and preserving all types of leather. This oil will not turn sour nor will it spoil, unlike other competitive neatsfoot oils. This oil is extremely stable and very cost-effective. You only need to use a small amount to get the job done. When comparing other neatsfoot oils on the market, which do not use the quality base oils and additives that this one uses, you’ll find that the cost of this oil is very reasonable.

Conditions & Preserves Leather Goods

Over many years, leather owners have tried and experimented with different methods in the search of the most useful leather preserving oil and in most cases that search has been unsuccessful. On the other hand, Best Oil for Saddles has proven to stand head and shoulders over the competition. This oil will not hurt or rot stitchings of leather.

Protects & Penetrates Leather

Other brands of neatsfoot oil tend to darken leather which is something most owners find undesirable. When Best Oil for Saddles is utilized, the color of the leather is only slightly changed. In addition, this oil will penetrate and most importantly protect your expensive leather.

Number One Choice Among Leather Smiths

Throughout the USA, Best Oil for Saddles is the number one choice among owners of high-quality leather goods and the choice of professional leather smiths. In manufacturing and creating this unique oil, the same strategy is always followed, which is to create a lubricant that surpasses customer’s requirements and surpasses what the competition has to offer. To create an oil that performs, only the finest combination of base oils are used. In addition, pure neatsfoot is used. The secret in this proprietary formulation is in the ratio and quantity of raw materials that are chosen. Through rigorous testing and training, the perfect blend has been developed. The challenge is to create a neatsfoot oil product that will protect and penetrate leather without darkening the leather. With Best Oil for Saddles, the results are evident. Beyond the requirement to protect, penetrate the leather, and minimize the color change of the leather, this proprietary formulation will resist spoiling, leading to longer shelf life. In summary, Best Oil for Saddles is a proprietary blend that utilizes pure neatsfoot, with high-performance quality base oils that penetrate the leather evenly with minimal color change. Only a small amount of oil is required, it is long-lasting, and it will resist spoiling and discoloration.