Best Oil For High Mileage Diesel Engines


You can be assured that by choosing the Best Oil For High Mileage Diesel Engines, you are using a motor oil that is manufactured using state-of-the-art technology in base oil refining processes and added to those base oils is the finest high performance additive chemistry available. The high quality motor oil is considered the cleanest oil in the lubricant industry. The first step to long equipment life and long oil drain service life is to start with a clean oil out of the drum. During the packaging process, the motor oil has been filtered down to within 10 microns of cleanliness, which is an industry leading standard. Starting with such an oil is the first step in protecting your equipment investment.

Most commercial engine oils on the market today have a low Total Base Number and a poor TBN retention ability. An engine oil that can retain its original TBN number over a long period of time is an indicator of how well the engine is at neutralizing destructive acids and their corrosive effects on engine parts. The Best Oil For High Mileage Diesel Engines offers a superior ability to retain its Total Base Number over a long period of time. This is an example of the superiority engineered into this motor oil. It is supremely capable of neutralizing damaging acids over long periods of time. It is important to state, there are many different ways to formulate the Total Base Number of an engine oil. This premium engine oil gets the majority of its alkalinity from the detergent value of the engine oil. Yes, it is true that this approach is the more costly way to go, but it is by far the most effective. High detergency Total Base Number additive chemistries are far more effective at maintaining control over the increased soot loading of an engine oil. This Total Base Number approach found on this motor oil means that you’re getting an oil that is long lasting and delivers your engine the protection it needs over extended drain intervals. You get what you pay for, and in this case, you’re gaining a tremendous amount of value and performance from both this oil and your engine.

This premium motor oil utilizes anti-wear, anti-friction additive chemistry, along with friction-reducing moly. Because drag and friction are lowered through the use of this engine oil, it means your engine works easier and you can expect fuel savings ranging from 1.75% up to 5%. Beyond fuel savings, this reduction in friction and wear means cooler engine operating temperatures, longer engine life, and extended drain intervals. It goes without saying, these types of benefits lead to a reduction in downtime.

One extra step designed into the additive chemistry, thus providing the maximum in protection with this premium engine oil, is the use of a unique copper dectivator. This unique formulation translates to extra protection for your engine’s bronze and/or copper components. This gives you yet another insurance policy for critical engine components, only found in the Best Oil For High Mileage Diesel Engines.

This premium motor oil utilizes absolutely the best possible base oils. These base oils go through a rigorous and advanced state-of-the-art refining process. All unnecessary impurities are solvent-extracted out of the oil. Additionally, the base oil is next put through a hydro-treated process which greatly improves its ability to blend together with the state-of-the-art chemistry. Next, these base oils are further refined to remove any unwanted waxes. This process of de-waxing greatly improves the oil’s ability to perform in cold temperatures. All of these processes provide an oil with a naturally high viscosity index. This high viscosity index provides a very stable base oil that stays in-grade and it neither thins out at high temperatures nor thickens at cold temperatures. Since all impurities have been removed, the base oils contribute minimally to sludge, gum, or varnish buildup.

There are many years worth of lubricant experience and know-how put into the Best Oil For High Mileage Diesel Engines. Only the absolute finest raw materials and processes have been used, with the goal of providing you the absolute best possible performance and service life available. In terms of value for investment, this high-performance product has no peer.