Best Hydraulic Fluid For Tractors


When comparing the investment required to purchase agricultural equipment 30 years ago to today, the costs are vastly higher. Not only is the investment a major one, it directly impacts the livelihood of your business. Downtime can eat into profitability. Modern tractors are designed with complex hydraulic systems that utilize micro-processing computers that operate pumps and valves in milliseconds that are beyond our mind’s capabilities. Choosing the proper tractor fluid is a critical decision if these highly engineered hydraulic systems are to perform in the way they were designed and also to protect them long term. It is extremely important to understand that all tractor fluids are not formulated and designed the same. Many conventional tractor fluids found on the market are formulated with low quality additive packages that can result in causing mechanical issues that ultimately lead to unwanted downtime and reduced equipment longevity. There are better tractor fluids on the market and the Best Hydraulic Fluid For Tractors is such a custom-blended, specialized tractor fluid.

This tractor fluid not only meets OEM requirements, but vastly exceeds them. This high-performance multipurpose tractor hydraulic fluid is formulated with superior and robust volumes of additives. It provides specialized and unique additive technology that protects your tractor’s final drives, transmission, wet brakes, clutches, and hydraulic systems. Its proprietary chemistry will deliver superior wear protection, prevents unwanted brake chatter, has a high water tolerance, offers anti-oxidation properties, and will give extra protection all year regardless of extreme temperatures and operating conditions.

The Best Hydraulic Fluid For Tractors was purposefully designed with a two-pronged wear protection system. First, it provides superior protection for helical, spur, and spiral bevel gears, as well as bearings. Secondly, it offers protection for the soft yellow metals found in hydraulic and hydro-static equipment. To show its superior ability to protect ring gear and pinions from wear, this tractor hydraulic fluid was tested in the John Deere JDQ-95 Wear Test. The results were outstanding, and the chemistry performed by illustrating little or no wear towards the pinion and ring gear. This high-quality tractor fluid has a unique slightly tacky characteristic that helps it to cling and stay put on the gears, which in turn helps to absorb any shock load and reduce wear. Conventional fluids simply do not provide such protection and clingability, which unfortunately leads to higher than necessary wear, scoring, and ridging of the gears.

Preventing the oxidation of a tractor fluid is critical for lubricant life and protection. Oxidation of a lubricant is caused by a chemical reaction between the fluid and oxygen. If a fluid oxidizes, it can result in a formation of sludge and varnish, an increase in viscosity, additive chemistry depletion, and a loss in anti-foam performance. Also, there could be an increase in dangerous acidic deposits. Together, any or all will greatly reduce the fluid’s efficiency and ability to transfer heat. This high-performance tractor fluid was designed to be an extremely thermally stable lubricant. Its superior thermal stability allows it to withstand extremely high operating conditions and to be resistant to oxidation, all due to the use of the finest base stock oils combined with the robust volumes of antioxidant additives. With its high flash point of 485 degrees F, this tractor fluid will provide superior protection against thermal breakdown and will be resistant to oxidation if high temperatures are encountered. Conventional hydraulic tractor fluid simply cannot compete.

Most original equipment manufacturers engineer tractors with a wet brake system. These brakes are housed within the tractor’s axle housing. The wet brakes are bathed in the hydraulic tractor fluid, whose job is to keep them cool when exposed to heavy loads. Housing the brakes in this manner will protect them from extreme operating conditions, such as water, mud, dust, and moisture. A hydraulic fluid’s frictional properties are extremely critical in their ability to reduce brake chatter (noise), but also simultaneously provide the proper high brake capacity. If a tractor hydraulic fluid is not formulated with the proper chemistry, then the farmer will experience brake chatter, plus vibration from the tractor. This custom-blended, high-performance fluid utilizes larger than normal amounts of additive chemistry that delivers superior braking capacity. This enhanced braking ability delivers safety and prevent brake chatter, making operation more comfortable for the farmer. When tested against competitive fluids, the Best Hydraulic Fluid For Tractors provided the least brake chatter and the quietest performance.

One of the most harmful occurrences for a tractor’s yellow metal components found in valves and pumps would be exposure to water. Such water corrosion often will lead to a vast reduction in tractor performance and a much greater potential for hydraulic pump failure. Conventional lower quality tractor hydraulic fluids are quite susceptible to mixing with water. This corrosive mixture can cause the yellow metals found in hydraulic pumps to erode. This erosion will lead to deep scratches on the pump’s brass piston shoes. This high-quality tractor fluid’s advance additive chemistry will provide a superior level of protection if water is present, thus providing the necessary protection to parts from any possible corrosion and erosion. By using this fantastic fluid, brass piston shoes are kept scratch and erosion free.

As a hard working farmer that must deal with an extremely competitive working and economical environment, having to worry about whether your tractor fluid will hold up is something that can be avoided. By investing in the Best Hydraulic Fluid For Tractors, you can be assured of trouble-free performance from this outstanding, hard working tractor hydraulic fluid. It will allow your equipment to run long and hard without the worry of unwanted downtime and will help to minimize operating expenses.