Best Hand Cleaner Degreaser


The Best Hand Cleaner Degreaser is a non-drying, non-cracking, water-less hand cleaner that will effectively remove the toughest dirt and grease stains. It is blended with a pleasant fragrance and contains protectants and moisturizers, preventing skin from cracking and drying. This effective and useful water-less hand cleaner is available with pumice and without. If water is not readily available for cleaning dirty hands, then this water-less hand cleaner comes in handy. Its specialized formula was engineered to help mechanics, construction and oil field workers, roofers, and any technical laborers to have a cleaning product that is effective yet safe on the hands. Most conventional hand cleaning products are ineffective at removing difficult printer zinc, asphalt, grease, grime, or any other petroleum product. The goal with this product was to create a water-less hand cleaner that would keep hands from cracking and drying, thus conditioning them while effectively penetrating and removing tough stains, leaving skin clean and moisturized. Only a little will quickly take care of any dirt hands.

It’s very simple to use. Put a small amount on dirt hands and begin to rub. When you’re done take a clean towel or rag and wipe away. You’ll notice the cleaning action is immediate. Any difficult stains are removed and your skin is clean and soft. This unique hand cleaner, unlike most conventional hand cleaners, will not leave a strong unpleasant odor on skin or hands. Using this product will leave a pleasant banana fragrance behind. Many of the standard hand cleaners on the market that quickly clean hands unfortunately will leave hands dry and cracking. The goal when formulating this degreaser was to create an effective hand cleaner that prevented any cracking or drying, plus leaving the hands soft and moisturized. One of the main ingredients that protects the skin is the robust volume of lanolin used in this fine hand cream. The problem with using hand cleaners that dry and crack the skin is that it becomes a vicious cycle. Cracks start to form in your hands, and grease and grime fill these cracks, and the process repeats itself. This is very uncomfortable for your hands. By using the Best Hand Cleaner Degreaser, you’re actually conditioning your hands, protecting your hands from drying and cracking, making it impossible for grease and grime to find a hiding place.

This product is a problem solver and logically makes cleaning your hands easy and safe. It is available in standard 4.5 pound containers or easy-to-use portable 15 ounce squeeze tubes. Its unique formula is safe to use and will not cause any irritation to the skin. Also, the formula is biodegradable and will not be harmful to the environment.