Best Engine Oil For Diesel Trucks


If you’re looking for the finest engine oil to protect off-road or on-road diesel engines up to year 2007 models, then look no further than the Best Engine Oil For Diesel Trucks (CI-4) with liquid organic molybdenum. This amazing diesel motor oil will provide benefits such as less engine wear, superior fuel economy, cooler running engines, extended drain intervals, reduced oil consumption, and better performance. The bottom line is less breakdowns, lower fuel costs, and more profits.

Concrete mixer.
Protect your diesel powered redi-mix truck with friction-reducing with the Best Engine Oil For Diesel Trucks with liquid Moly.








To provide you the benefits you deserve when protecting your equipment investment, carefully selected components were engineered into this synthetic blend motor oil. This oil contains a specialized blend of highly refined thermally stable hydro-cracked and hydro-finished base stocks, along with synthetic base oils. This proprietary base stock oil combination will prevent engine-wearing cold temperature dry starts. During high temperature operations, this one-of-a-kind synthetic blend will provide your engine with a heavy duty oil film that will prevent metal-to-metal contact. This engine oil’s unique base stock formulation can withstand high temperatures and resist thermal breakdown. This leads to less oil consumption and oil waste, translating to higher profits. The premium base oils will bring yet another benefit by extending the life of the oil and engine parts. Through scientific oil analysis, you will be able to change your oil less often and also notice less engine wear. Both together means less downtime, allowing your equipment to be working on the job instead of sitting idle in the shop. It goes without saying, you’ve made the huge investment in your equipment to make profits, not drain the bank because of breakdowns. The Best Engine Oil For Diesel Trucks with liquid Moly is the only choice you need to make for protecting your equipment.

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The proprietary base oil stock formulation will provide long drain intervals and reduced engine wear.







The next reason to invest in this high-performance engine oil is to benefit from the friction-fighting liquid Moly additive. By formulating in specialized liquid organic molybdenum, your engine will experience less friction, less engine wear, better performance, and better fuel mileage. Think of Moly as an added insurance policy for your engine. Its unique characteristic of plating your critical engine parts with a strong shield of protective lubricant keeps metal surfaces separated during extreme pressure, extreme temperature, and during cold start ups. It takes years of chemical lubricant formulating experience to create motor oils that deliver real benefits. In the case of this premium engine oil, there are 97 years of it.

Diesel tractor bulldozer.
Cold engine start ups is the cause of major engine wear. Eliminate dry starts by using this premium synthetic blend motor oil.







Modern diesel engines must deal with extra problems created by EGR (exhaust-gas re-circulation) systems. To control and deal with soot, corrosion wear, and damaging acids, this motor oil offers an industry-leading Total Base Number 15. What does TBN 15 mean for your hard working diesel engine? Expect your engine to benefit from extended oil drain intervals, the neutralization of damaging acids, the filtering out of soot, and the elimination of corrosive wear. The fact is, conventional diesel oils simply do not offer the possibility of effectively neutralizing acids or dealing with the myriad of EGR problems. When you truly need a heavy duty motor oil, the Best Engine Oil For Diesel Trucks is your trusted engine companion.

Mack diesel truck.
With its Total Base Number of 15, be assured that damaging acids will be neutralized and eliminated.








Sludge and oxidation are virtually eliminated in this fine diesel oil. It has generous oxidation inhibitors to counteract sludge and oxidation. This robust antioxidant agent will help achieve longer drain intervals. Conventional diesel engine oils are typically formulated to meet minimum specifications and to meet a low price. What is sacrificed to meet these goals are the quality of base stock and additives. Long term, such oils end up costing you more money than they are worth. They are poor at minimizing wear during start ups and extreme operating conditions, and they lack the ability to protect your engines during extreme pressure conditions. This high-quality synthetic blend engine oil offers real value for your investment. Through the use of liquid Moly, friction is reduced, engine temperatures are lowered, and horsepower is increased. Additionally, Moly provides the protection needed when your diesel engine is exposed to heavy loads and extreme pressure. This protection translates to longer equipment life and a vast reduction in downtime expenses. If you’re looking for the ultimate protection for your equipment and investment dollars, choose the Best Engine Oil For Diesel Trucks.

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Your hard working tractor can experience less engine wear, better fuel economy, longer drain intervals, and reduced downtime through the use of this premium synthetic blend motor oil.