Best Diesel Fuel Anti Gel Additive


The Best Diesel Fuel Anti Gel Additive is a fast-acting diesel fuel additive that will liquify any fuel that gels, will effectively de-ice fuel filters and lines that are frozen, is easy to use, and is totally safe for fuel systems. It is your emergency diesel fuel treatment, a superhero against gelled fuel and frozen filters. When wintertime and cold temperatures approach, the wax and diesel fuel can gel and solidify. No matter how well equipment is maintained, diesel fuel that becomes gelled can bring equipment to a screeching halt. To effectively eliminate this problematic issue from arising, adding this premium fuel additive to your fuel tank will quickly dissolve any wax in fuel tanks, fuel lines, and fuel filters. Literally, within minutes of application, the Best Diesel Fuel Anti Gel Additive will liquify diesel fuel that has gelled. It is formulated with specialized additives that are soluble in both water and petroleum. It is so effective, there will be no need for calling an expensive tow truck.

Beyond its effective ability at dissolving wax, this fuel conditioner’s advanced additive technology can quickly dissolve any buildup of ice in fuel tanks, fuel lines, and filters. It is a 2 in 1 diesel fuel additive that handles both ice and wax, eliminating any problems that could arise from both these problematic components.

The Best Diesel Fuel Anti Gel Additive is the safest diesel fuel treatment available on the market. Most other “similar” products found on the market are formulated with harmful ethanol and methanol-based products, and both methanol and ethanol-based diesel fuel additives have been known to create serious corrosion and rust issues within fuel systems. Additionally, many other products found on the market have shown to affect the important flashpoint of number 2 fuel negatively by lowering this important flashpoint. If the flashpoint is lowered, the start-up can be dramatically affected. The Best Diesel Fuel Anti Gel Additive is neither ethanol or methanol-based and does not lower flashpoint. What it does do is effectively and quickly deal with damaging ice and gelled fuel. It is totally safe for your fuel system and allows your fuel to burn at maximum efficiency.

The Best Diesel Fuel Anti Gel Additive was formulated to be quite easy to use. It is a highly concentrated diesel fuel additive, and a little does a lot. It can be used in both kerosene and diesel fuel blends. It is superior at removing any moisture found in fuel tanks and helps prevent any additional icing once the fuel has been de-gelled. When adding this fuel conditioner, you’ll experience quick results by closed fuel lines opening up, and any filters blocked by ice and wax cleared.

Downtime during cold weather is drastically reduced due to this premium fuel additive’s fast-acting abilities. It is the number 1 choice for the emergency treatment of diesel fuel. It acts so fast, there is no need to call a costly tow truck.

Directions for emergency treatment: Step 1) remove the fuel filter. Step 2) drain away any and all remaining liquid from the filter. Step 3) fill fuel filter receptacle full of Diesel Fuel Anti Gel Additive. Step 4) Install fuel filter filled with Diesel Fuel Anti Gel Additive. Step 5) Add 1 quart of Diesel Fuel Anti Gel Additive into your fuel tank with 25 gallons of diesel fuel. Step 6) Before starting the engine, give the fuel additive 15 minutes to do its job. Step 7) If the engine does not start, please wait another 15 minutes. Step 8) Once the engine starts, let it idle for 5 minutes before driving away.

As a proactive measure so as to prevent any gelling or icing problems, it is best to pre-treat your diesel fuel or winterize it with Diesel Fuel Cold Weather Additive.