Best Degreaser for Tractors


The Best Degreaser for Tractors is a heavy-duty multipurpose cleaner that was engineered to remove difficult grime and grease from tractors, off-road vehicles, equipment, trucks, rigs, and floors. It has a unique peach color and is the product of choice for any pressure washing or steam cleaning jobs. If the requirement is an extra strong and effective cleaner, then this degreaser is your only choice. Its one-of-a-kind chemistry utilizes advanced chemistry that quickly helps to dissolve and emulsify any grease and dirt from most surfaces. When formulating this high-performance cleaner, it was important that it provide effective cleaning without allowing any scale to build up on the lines, nozzles, and coils of the cleaning equipment.

The Best Degreaser for Tractors is a very unique cleaning compound whose formula contains a proprietary blend of additives that work effectively together in a synergistic manner to clean away grime and grit. This water-soluble solvent degreaser, formulated with extremely effective surfactants, results in a cleaner that goes to work fast to penetrate and disperse any grime and grease. The degreaser and surfactant blend found in this unique formula is specifically engineered to function as a foam builder, an emulsifier, a penetrant, and a destabilizer. Though these two cleaning agents work fantastically onto themselves to penetrate grease and grime, yet another design factor was added to this already effective cleaner. Extremely strong alkaline builders have been formulated in to this strong cleaner, which gives the Best Degreaser for Tractors that extra cleaning punch to an already powerful cleaning solution. It has a pH of 12.5 at its most concentrated level.

The Best Degreaser for Tractors is biodegradable and very economical to use. Its unique additive chemistry was designed to be 100% soluble in water. This 100% solubility leaves no fillers floating in the solution, thus allowing the product to decompose harmlessly over a period of time. This high-performance degreaser’s special chemistry was engineered to allow it to dissolve completely. It is an extremely economical cleaning solution that finds application in a variety of cleaning situations. For example, for any steam cleaning or pressure washing task, the dilution ratio is from 1:10 all the way to 1:60, depending on the severity of the soiled surface. If the cleaning application require the use of a garden sprayer or brush application, then the recommended mixture would be a ratio of 1:5.

Directions for use:

1) Steam cleaning of pressure washing – depending on the amount of soil or difficulty of cleaning, the following ratio of the Best Degreaser for Tractors would be at a rate of 1:10 up to 1:60 with water.

2) Brush application or garden sprayer – dilute the Best Degreaser for Tractors at a ratio of 1:5 with water.

3) Cold degreaser – for extremely difficult grease removal, the Best Degreaser for Tractors can be utilized at full strength. There may be a requirement to agitate with a brush.

4) Paints – the Best Degreaser for Tractors’s heavy-duty formula does contain highly alkaline ingredients that could dull the gloss finish of paints of dull highly polished surfaces. A dilution ratio of 1:25 and more has shown to have no effect in dulling painted or polished surfaces.