Best Degreaser for Heavy Equipment


The Best Degreaser for Heavy Equipment is a state-of-the-art all purpose cleaner that works effectively with high pressure or steam washing equipment. The one-of-a-kind cleaning chemistry will act quickly at removing the toughest grime and soils. Special care and only the finest cleaning additives are utilized, making it a superior oil and grease removing product. When opening the drum for the first time, you’ll notice a bright red clear liquid that has a very mild cleaning fragrance. Advanced chemistry is found in this one-of-a-kind formula that contains only the finest wetting agents, penetrating additives, synthetic detergents, emulsifying additives, blended with the finest water-soluble solvent. This superior cleaner will always be completely water-soluble in any mix ratio and stays consistent with only minimal agitation. This cleaner has a pH of 12.5 to 13.

The Best Degreaser for Heavy Equipment provides you with many benefits and advantages over conventional cleaners. It is a safe product and formulated with biodegradable components. It does not have flash points or fire points, nor does it emit any toxic fumes. It is totally safe to use wherever water is used to clean. The chemistry does not contain any phenolic bodies nor acids. It is engineered to be free-rinsing and is not easily acted upon by hard water salts. No premixing is required and no special containers are needed. It is very easy to use and cost effective. This high-performance cleaner will cut down on your cleaner inventory requirements. Because it is so effective and versatile, it will do many cleaning tasks. One product will replace multiple conventional cleaners. It will clean and remove insoluble solid soils, oily soils, and will also clean away any water soluble soils.