Best Concrete Truck Cleaner


The Best Concrete Truck Cleaner has a very unique formula that combines acids, wetting agents, emulsifiers, and inhibitors. This liquid has a medium dark amber color and because it is a highly concentrated product, it emits a typical acid odor. Its pH is of 1.5-2.5. This unique concrete cleaner utilizes powerful hydrochloric acid, engineered to quickly penetrate and remove mortar and concrete from the majority of painted and most metal surfaces. It is a very popular cleaner in the ready-mix industry and effectively cleans concrete trucks. Please note, do not use for shiny aluminum trailers.

For removing mortar, a dilution ratio of 1 part cleaner with 5 or more parts water, slowly poured in so as to prevent splashing, makes an excellent concrete and mortar cleaner. Solutions mixed at this ratio will remove average deposits of mortar and concrete easily. When this cleaner solution is applied onto brickwork, the reaction with the mortar will only continue until the acid solution has all been converted, thus producing calcium chloride, carbon dioxide, and water. Once the concentrate has been diluted with water, the diluted solution can be applied with a sprayer or an acid resistant brush. For maximum effectiveness, allow the diluted solution to penetrate the concrete for 5 to 10 minutes. For typical deposits, this is more than enough time for the cleaner to penetrate and break the bond at the metal surface or the paint.  For those heavier deposits, you may need to apply a more diluted solution during the cleaning process. After 5-10 minutes, it is time to rinse off any loosened deposits with a pressured water hose.

The Best Concrete Truck Cleaner’s unique chemistry utilizes special inhibitor agents that protect any attack on iron and steel. This effective cleaner offers various advantages. It goes to work quickly, less product is needed to get the job completed, and it saves time. It is extremely easy to use, and all that is required are a standard safety gear such as protective eye goggles, latex gloves, and extra care so as to prevent any splashing. It is highly concentrated, so a little will do a lot. Special precaution is needed around zinc, aluminum, and other soft metals. These types of metals are very susceptible to attack by acids, and could be easily damaged rather quickly. This concrete truck cleaner is engineered to be free rinsing and can be quickly diluted with large amounts of water.

This fine cleaner also lends itself to removing stubborn stains from masonry. By using this product correctly, it is quite possible to remove stubborn stains from masonry when other conventional cleaners have failed to do the job. Create a diluted solution with water, then apply to the stain with an acid-resistant brush. You will notice quickly how fast a chemical reaction occurs when applied to the surface of masonry. The diluted solution will begin to bubble and it starts to lift and remove the stain. It is important to use large amounts of water to dilute the acid when you begin to wash it away.