Best Commercial Car Wash Soap


Over 96 years of cleaning chemistry know-how and experience have gone into the design and formulation of the Best Commercial Car Wash Soap. It is a top-grade red colored powdered cleaning compound. It has found a huge and loyal following in both the truck and car wash industry. Also, because of its effectiveness and ease of use, it can be an extremely useful and economical general purpose cleaner. Its proprietary and one-of-a-kind chemistry is made up of unique wetting agents, detergents, sequestering compounds, and high-performance water softening additives. This superior powdered cleaner has the following properties: it is easily soluble in water, it has a very mild fragrance, and it is free-flowing and dustless. This easy-to-use and effective cleaner was engineered to be a first class vehicle cleaning compound. This top-of-the-line red powdered cleaner is 100% soluble in water and is very economical to use. It offers outstanding performance when used in either a cold or hot pressure cleaning unit. Also, many automatic brush systems for cleaning cars and vehicles, along with manual cleaning operations, find this car soap to be superior to conventional vehicle cleaners. Whether the need is to clean fleet vehicles, semi-trucks, cars, farm machinery, boats, oil field equipment, or driveways, this safe and easy to use cleaner will do the job beyond expectations and it is very easy on the wallet.

As an example that illustrates the cost-effectiveness of this superior cleaner, take for example manual car washing. Only 1/2 ounce of this hard working red powder added to a gallon of water will leave vehicles bright and sparkling clean. Depending on the severity of soil that is on the vehicle to be cleaned, the water hardness as well as the temperature and time of day can affect the cleaning process and the amount of raw ingredients to use. This long-lasting powdered chemistry is extremely concentrated. How concentrated is it? Well, imagine having to pressure wash with as little as 1 pound of cleaner to 120 gallons of water. Do the math. This product low-cost and provides real value.

This multipurpose vehicle cleaner has a very safe pH of 11 in a 10% solution. This is milder than most conventional cleaning compounds. It is easy on the hands and work clothing. Also, there are no toxic fumes that are being emitted when using this safe product. It is mild enough to use on most painted surfaces without having to worry about harming or stripping the paint. There will be no visible pitting or discoloration of soft metals such as aluminum. Always create a premix of this fine red powdered cleaner with a small amount of water. Once the premix is completely dissolved and thoroughly mixed, then add the required amount of water to make the proper cleaning solution.

This premium cleaner’s unique chemistry creates an effective cleaning action known as wetting action. What this means is that it will quickly penetrate the soil, which then allows removal of the soil by floating that soil away. The use of its unique wetting agents actually will make water perform better or become wetter. This allows the cleaning solution to literally penetrate the stubborn soil more effectively and more quickly. There are no free acids or free caustics in this balanced formula. To get the maximum results from this unique wetting action cleaner, always wash the vehicle in the shade and out of sunlight. It is important to pre-cool overly hot surfaces by running cooler water over them. Streaking typically occurs when surfaces are hot. It is best when washing the vehicle to clean and focus on small sections one at a time. Take each individual section, clean, rinse, and then move to the next section. Always wash surfaces from the bottom up to the top and when rinsing do the reverse, work from top to the bottom so as to avoid any streaking.

Another example why this high-performance cleaner will deliver superior cleaning results over conventional cleaners is through its use of high-performance water softening compounds and superior wetting agents. They function together to provide a cleaner that rinses freely and that will not leave any white film residue on the washed and cleaned surfaces. The user gets a superior product that provides a sheet flow rinse.

Here are some recommended dilution ratios for pressure washing. If the water you have access to is soft water, then try this ratio: 1 pound of powdered cleaner to 60 – 100 gallons of water or it can be a ratio of 1:500 up to 1:1,000. Where the water is predominantly hard, try the following: 1 pound to 24 – 48 gallons of water or ratios from 1:200 to 1:400. Machinery and equipment: 1 pound to 36 – 60 gallons of water or ratios from 1:300 – 1:500. For washing vehicles, 1 pound to 48 – 60 gallons of water or ratios from 1:400 to 1:500. For manual car washing, try adding anywhere from 1/2 ounce to 4 ounce of red powdered cleaner per gallon of water. This solution can be applied by using a low pressure washer, brushing on, or wiping. Always wash surfaces from the bottom towards the top to avoid streaking. Try not to allow the cleaning solution to dry on the vehicle’s surface. Rinse the washed areas with clean water. Automatic car washing operations: for a pre-rinse solution, add 10 to 15 pounds of powder for each 50 gallons of water. Next, inject into the pre-rinse station at the standard dilution, using either warm or hot water. Brush application: add 1 to 4 pounds per 100 gallons into the solution tank. Finally, rinse vehicles before applying wax.