Best Auto Parts Cleaner Solvent


The Best Auto Parts Cleaner Solvent is a ready-to-use, 100% active blend solvent that is clear blue in color and emits a pleasant solvent odor. Its high-performance chemistry is formulated with carefully selected oils and the finest aliphatic solvents. They work together synergistically to penetrate grease and grime that deliver fast cleaning and superior solvency. This versatile product has a flash point (PMCC) of 122 degrees F. It is perfect for use in various types of parts cleaning systems and tanks. It is extremely effective at removing and cleaning away a wide variety of soils that are typically found on industrial equipment and automotive parts.

There are many advantages of using the Best Auto Parts Cleaner Solvent. First, it is a safe solvent to clean all metals, because its high-performance formula does not have any alkalis or acids. It can even be used without worry on copper, brass, plated parts, and aluminum. Second, it provides much faster and more effective cleaning and with less residue than using diesel fuel, straight kerosene, of naphtha. Third, it penetrates quickly to clean all types of petroleum soils. This proprietary formula carefully selected oils that provide the most worker comfort by reducing any drying effects on the skin caused by solvent. It is ready to use right from the drum, thus does not require any time consuming premixing, which means less time wasted and a savings in cost. Also, this superior solvent cleaner does not contain any emulsifiers that could entrap any moisture, which could lead to a less effective solvency action.