Best 80W90 Gear Oil


The Best 80W90 Gear Oil is absolutely one of the finest gear oils available on the lubricant market. It offers water resistance, it’s non-foaming, it’s color-coded showing the service life of the oil, offers low temperature, has a low non-channeling point, and is formulated with superior cushioning additives. 80w90 Gear Oil is blended with highly refined heavy-duty base oil stocks that are thermally stable with a high viscosity index. These base oils have been put through various refining processes that have removed any potentially damaging impurities such as varnishes, waxes, and any other unwanted byproducts. These base oils offer superior film strength and lubricity. The Best 80W90 Gear Oil is engineered with adhesive and cohesive properties. This gives it a certain tackiness or clingability, allowing the lubricant to coat the gears and critical parts with a tenacious coating of lubrication even in the presence of water or moisture. The cohesive characteristic of this lubricant is critical in helping this gear oil to withstand shock loads and extreme pressure operating environments. 80W90 Gear Oil is engineered with a specialized cushioning additive which is quite effective and helpful when gears are exposed to heavy loads. This unique cushioning additive also provides an ability to help eliminate any howling or rumbling that the equipment could be experiencing. Its use of thermally stable base oils and additive chemistry gives the owner/operator the best and most economical gear oil to utilize in extreme duty applications.

Moisture and water can be quite detrimental to any gearbox. The presence of moisture and water can cause rust to form on metal surfaces, which in turn can lead to an increase in excessive wear and friction. Moisture and water are typically caused in a gearbox due to cold and heat cycling back and forth over and over again. The gear unit gets hot, it cools down. On and on the cycle goes, forming condensation. If left unchecked, this can lead to unnecessary problems. The Best 80W90 Gear Oil offers superior water resistance that far exceeds most conventional gear oils. Its proprietary formulation includes a specialized additive package that gives this lubricant its superior demulsibility properties. It simply will not mix or emulsify with water. In fact, in the presence of water, it quickly separates or breaks away from the water, thus allowing the water or moisture to literally be drained from the gearbox. This gear oil offers unparalleled protection against any rust or corrosion.

Excessive foaming is an issue to avoid in a gearbox. Most conventional gear lubes tend to quickly foam while in operation. The presence of foam actually lowers and drops the level of gear oil, thus inhibiting the necessary lubrication required. Foaming also causes a secondary problem in that temperatures start to climb rapidly when foam is present. The Best 80W90 Gear Oil blends in robust quantities of specialized foam inhibitors that eliminate foaming and in most cases vastly reduce temperatures in a gearbox.

Another unique benefit in utilizing the Best 80W90 Gear Oil lies in its being color-coded a bright red. The advantages of this bright red color-coding are numerous. First, it gives a strong visual identification, eliminating the chance of using the wrong oil. Next, its bright red color makes it easy to locate any potential leaks. Next, this gear oil’s bright red color acts as a life indicator. When the color changes from bright red to a dark color, this warns that it is about time to drain the fluid out and change it.

Many conventional gear oils utilize base oil stocks that become thick in cold weather and lose their fluidity. This causes gear sets to run dry, leading to metal-to-metal contact. The reason for this is that brand name gear oils do not use highly refined base stocks, thus they still have waxes and other byproducts that cause them to thicken up in cold temperatures. The Best 80W90 Gear Oil uses highly refined base stock oils that have had all unnecessary impurities and unwanted byproducts removed. These superior high quality highly refined base oil stocks provide a low non-channeling point. This means the oil will not thicken in cold weather and it maintains its fluidity. Be assured, 80w90 Gear Oil will not allow a dry start-up and shifting will be much more efficient and easy. The Best 80W90 Gear Oil is available in SAE 75, SAE 80W90, and SAE 85W140.