Best 2 Cycle Oil For Air Cooled Engines


In the past, a common issue with two-cycle gasoline motors has been excessive smoking due to the engine being designed to burn oil. The solution to eliminating severe smoking is found with the Best 2 Cycle Oil For Air Cooled Engines. One of the strategies to deal with this smoking issue found in two-cycle oils is the use of special synthetic base stock oils. This engine oil is considered a smokeless synthetic product.

Another issue two cycle engine owners need to control is piston scuffing. The unique synthetic formulation of the Best 2 Cycle Oil For Air Cooled Engines offers less piston scuffing at the higher temperatures encountered by air cooled motors. The superior lubricity of these synthetics as compared to conventional oils is the reason for a reduction in piston scuffing.

A reduction in wear is another benefit to this engine oil. Compared to conventional two-cycle oil, this synthetic lubricant offers superior film strength. This better film strength along with improved lubricity results in reduced wear on critical moving parts.

The Best 2 Cycle Oil For Air Cooled Engines, with its state-of-the-art synthetic base stock oil combination, coupled with its high-performance additive package, will offer superior resistance to chemical wear, varnish formation, reduced engine deposits, and ring sticking. This lubricant was engineered to provide extra protection and superior extreme temperature thermal stability.

If the goal is to eliminate or reduce pre-ignition exhaust blockage and spark plug fouling, then this smokeless engine oil is the perfect choice. In conducting specialized tests for two-cycle engines that run a fuel/oil mixture ratio of 20:1, many of these two-cycle oils failed. On the other hand, this high-performance smokeless engine oil passed these tests easily. Because of its highly specialized use of synthetics blended with a high-performance additive chemistry, it can easily deal with any situation without having to deal with spark plug fouling or pre-ignition exhaust blockage.

The Best 2 Cycle Oil For Air Cooled Engines was formulated so that it can mix with gasoline very easily. Whether your engine injects the oil directly into the gasoline or runs on a pre-mix of gas and oil, this smokeless motor oil will perform admirably in both instances. A proper mix of this engine oil will prevent a lean mixture of predominantly gasoline at the top of the tank, or it can prevent an overly rich mixture of product that is at the bottom of the tank. A properly mixed lubricant will eliminate stratifications of gas and oil in the tank. The Best 2 Cycle Oil For Air Cooled Engines will mix easily with gasoline above 13 degrees F. It is a good idea to take extra precautions during very cold weather when mixing. CAUTION: DO NOT use the Best 2 Cycle Oil For Air Cooled Engines in two cycle marine gasoline engines.

To summarize, the Best 2 Cycle Oil For Air Cooled Engines: will help in the reduction of piston scuffing, is excellent at preventing spark plug fouling, less wear due to improved lubricity, reduces severe smoking as a semi-synthetic, extra protection against ring sticking and engine deposits.