Bar and Chain Oil For Chainsaw


Bar and Chain Oil For Chainsaw is a straw/yellow-colored oil engineered with very unique additives. One specific additive engineered into this versatile product is called Paratac. It is an additive that gives an oil a tacky or stringy consistency. It is useful in areas of lubrication where dripping or leakage could cause a problem. It uses the absolute finest base stock oils, it contains rust inhibitors, and its chemistry and base oils are thermally stable. It is economical, excellent for chain lubrication, and is a superior bearing and journal lubricant.

Bar and Chain Oil only uses the absolute best base oils available. These base oils have a very high viscosity index, which translates to the oil being thermally stable through a broad temperature range. The base oils are put through a rigorous refining process, the first being solvent extraction. This refining process extracts any unwanted impurities from the base oil. Many competitive conventional lubricants use oils that have not gone through the solvent extraction process. If an oil has not been refined by solvent extraction, then the potential for varnish, gum, and sludge exists. Next, this solvent extracted oil is put through a specialized process called hydro treating, which improves the oil’s resistance to oxidation. Also, this hydro treating process improves the oil’s blendability to the high performance additive chemistry being used. The final refining step is to remove any wax that may exist. This step gives the oil excellent cold weather flowability. Though these three steps are time consuming and costly, they are worth the effort. To create a superior lubricant that provides real benefits, this can only be accomplished through the use of the highest quality ingredients. When expensive equipment needs to be lubricated and protected, only the best possible oils should be used and considered.

Bar and Chain Oil is a superior lubricant for chains. Due to its sticky or tacky consistency, it is a premium performer when protecting sprockets, teeth, and chains. Its high film strength keeps metal surfaces protected and allows the chains to perform for long periods of time. When used to lubricate industrial chains, oil dripping is kept to a bare minimum due to the use of the tackiness agent Paratac. Housekeeping will be happy that this oil is used. This lubricant also can function as a superior bar and chain oil for chainsaws.

This high-performance oil is at home as a lubricating oil for all types of plane bearings and shafts. Because of its clingability characteristics, it stays put where it’s placed. When a worn seal no longer is able to keep oils from leaking and dripping out, Bar and Chain Oil For Chainsaw can help reduce leakage and dripping. Its adhesive and cohesive characteristic produce a strong protective film of oil on all surfaces of bearings and journals. It helps to greatly reduce any oil leakage from these bearings. This oil can help reduce oil usage and save time and money in various areas. One area that can see dramatic savings is its ability to dramatically reduce oil consumption. This is accomplished by reducing already leaking areas. Because of its tacky and adhesive and cohesive properties, oil will leak less and reduce any oil from running off. Next, when oil leaks unnecessarily, it requires many hours of cleanup, not to mention potential safety hazards. By switching to Bar and Chain Oil, leaks are drastically reduced, floors are less difficult to clean, and safety issues are improved. The less oil to clean up, the less man hours that are expended, thus translated to true dollar savings.

Bar and Chain Oil For Chainsaw, because of its high performance capabilities, lends itself to be successfully used in a variety of applications and situations. For example, it can lubricate chains and cables, non-EP gear boxes, spray mist type systems, site oil systems, pressure fed oil systems, reservoir or bath systems, and it is an excellent lubricant for machine ways, shafts, and bearings, not to mention other circulating systems. Bar and Chain Oil’s unique chemistry allows it to perform admirably in a very wide range of temperatures. With its robust volumes of rust and corrosion inhibitors, super refined thermally stable base oils, and the unique Paratac additive giving it a tackiness property, truly makes Bar and Chain Oil For Chainsaw a superior quality lubricant. It has found success and brought many benefits to such industries as mining, logging, construction, machine shop, bottling companies, food industries, packing plants, and many, many others. Join the list of happy customers and benefit from a high performance product.