Band Saw Cutting Oil


Band Saw Cutting Oil was specifically engineered to tackle the unique issues and problems that arise through the use of high-speed band saws. Band Saw Cutting Oil was formulated with proprietary chemistry that will remove and clean residue from band saw blades while at the same time cooling and lubricating those high-speed blades.

Maintain Cleanliness

When operating high-speed band saws, the wood that is being cut contains resins, tar, and sap which tend to cling to the band saw, creating a multitude of problems. When these contaminates start to accumulate over time on the surface of the saw, the performance and service of the high-speed band saw is affected. The precision or accuracy of the cuts is affected and the speed at which the high-speed band saw is set to function is also affected. If these residues from the wood are allowed to accumulate over a long period of time, not only will the production process slow way down, but efficiency starts to deteriorate, the negative domino effect being that downtime increases. Worst of all, band saws become broken and damaged, bringing production to a halt. The solution is simple. Band Saw Cutting Oil will effectively keep high-speed band saws clean and free of resins, tar, and sap. Band Saw Cutting Oil is formulated with high-performance chemistry that incorporates specialized cleaning agents that will effectively clean and eliminate resin, tar, and sap. Simultaneously, this cutting oil will prevent these harmful residues from attaching themselves onto the blades during production.’

Utilizes Friction Modifiers

High-speed band saws are forced to perform in severe conditions. These conditions are what are considered very abrasive. Due to the residues and impurities inherently found in lumber along with the severe environments that exist around lumber mills, the result is a very abrasive and destructive environment for high-speed band saws to perform and operate efficiently. To overcome these abrasive and contaminant filled operating conditions, Band Saw Cutting Oil utilizes heavy-duty high-performance friction modifiers that are specifically engineered to perform and combat these abrasive conditions and to reduce friction and wear.

Maintaining Precision Cuts

It is critical for the lumber mill to be able to maintain precise cuts during operations from beginning to end. Due to the speed and the abrasive nature of the products being cut, these two factors will undoubtedly generate a huge amount of heat. These high temperatures will lead to an early or premature band saw breakage and cause the cuts to fall out of specification unless the proper oil is used. It goes without saying that when cuts are not precise, the cost to the lumber mill is problematic. Profits are lost. The higher the speed of the band saw process, the more severe the abrasive conditions become. To deal with these severe and difficult conditions, only high-performance premium oils will solve these problems. Band Saw Cutting Oil is such a product. Through the use of Band Saw Cutting Oil, lumber mills can expect a reduction in lumber waste and expect precision cuts from beginning to end. No matter how severe the operating conditions are, Band Saw Cutting Oil will improve efficiency and improve production time.

A Superior Oil

Typically, plain naphthenic oil is used in most high-speed band saw applications. It is true that naphthenic oil does offer natural solvency but that is all it will provide. It is an extremely poor oil for lubrication and will do nothing to minimize and remove harmful residue deposits once they are attached to the saw blade. Band Saw Cutting Oil, on the other hand, is a highly engineered, well thought out band saw product. Its proprietary chemistry is a complex combination of heavy-duty antioxidants, solvents, friction modifiers, anti-wear additives, and coolants. It is arefully blended into a super-refined high-performance hydro-crack base oil. The choice of base oils is critical. In Band Saw Oil’s case, the heavy-duty base oils are extremely thermally stable. The end result of this specially designed oil is a complex formula that delivers cleanliness, cooling, and lubrication, all the while protecting the high-speed band saw, maintaining precision cuts, and greatly extending the life of the saw.

Less Downtime, Lower Costs

It is not surprising that high-speed band saws are very costly and are considered a major investment for the lumber mill. These high-speed band saws are expected to perform under the most difficult environments for long periods of time. It is critical to do everything humanly possible to protect this investment. The finest tool available that will protect these costly high-speed band saw is the use of Band Saw Oil. When you consider its superior cooling characteristics, its effective cleaning abilities, and its effective and high-performance lubrication characteristics, Band Saw Cutting Oil will no doubt protect high-speed band saws. Expect long life, consistent and precise cuts, improved production capacity, and greatly reduced downtime. As we know, downtime is quite costly for the band saw. They are difficult and time-consuming to replace and are expensive to purchase. To help protect profits, Band Saw Cutting Oil is the perfect partner in maintaining profitability for any saw mill business.

Ease of Application

Band Saw Cutting Oil can be applied in various manners. It can be brushed on or applied using a simple hand sprayer. It can also be applied by utilizing automatic spray lubricators that mist or drip-feed onto the high-speed band saw. Band Saw Cutting Oil can be easily sprayed on in a vast range of temperatures and conditions due to its ability to flow at all temperature ranges. Band Saw Cutting Oil is an economical product due to its superior chemistry. Only a small amount is required and once applied, it lasts a long time and it works so well.

To recap, Band Saw Oil utilizes unique chemistry containing effective friction modifiers and other critical additives that will effectively clean and remove sap, tar, and resin from the blade. It provides better precision cuts, it will greatly reduce downtime and reduce operating expenses, it is simple to apply, and it lasts. It is a truly superior oil.

55 gallon, 35 gallon, 6 gallon, Case of 4-1 gallon jugs

Band Saw Oil is a blend of detergents, anti-wear additives, anti-oxidants, coolants, solvents and lubricants in a high-quality hydrocracked base oil. It is approximately an SAE 5W.