Automotive Shop Floor Degreaser


Automotive Shop Floor Degreaser is a versatile, highly concentrated, powerful cleaner that is safe, economical, and can be used in a multitude of applications. This highly concentrated cleaner will get the most difficult cleaning jobs completed using 50% less cleaner when comparing it to ordinary run-of-the-mill cleaners. When designing Automotive Shop Floor Degreaser, the goal was to create a highly advanced product that would be able to remove the most stubborn of soils from any type of surface. The other goal was to make a product that brought benefits of economy and longevity.

Automotive Shop Floor Degreaser’s specialized chemistry was engineered to be a highly alkaline cleaner that delivers a superior and powerful cleaning punch. This high-performance cleaner is formulated with a highly specialized water soluble solvent that will cut through any tough oil or grease type stain. Regardless of how tough the cleaning task may seem, Automotive Shop Floor Degreaser will effectively get the job done. It is so powerful and concentrated that it can be diluted with up to 100 parts of water and still be a very effective and powerful cleaning solution.

The industry is filled with many different cleaners, so to rise above the competition, the goal was to create a cleaner that was versatile and could deliver advantages and benefits in any application or industry. To stand above the crowded industrial marketplace, Automotive Shop Floor Degreaser utilizes only the absolute finest and most powerful ingredients that work together to bring a truly amazing and powerful cleaner. It has found true success in a myriad of applications and industries. Its grime-killing formula will remove stubborn soil from the most complex industrial equipment to the most grease-stained automotive shop floor. It is safe and effective to use on metals, rubber, and most plastics. Across all industries, it has found a home cleaning and efficiently removing dirt, grime, cutting oil, grease, adhesives, syrups, etc. In any fleet or automotive shop when cleaning white wall tires, it will do an amazing job.

Automotive Shop Floor Degreaser’s proprietary formulation has especially shown to be extremely effective when used in steam cleaning applications. Through the consistent use of this fine cleaner, it will prevent scaly deposits from being formed on steam cleaner coils. By using Automotive Shop Floor Degreaser along with the power of steam, a superhero cleaning team is formed that fantastically removes and cleans away the toughest grime and dirt from virtually any surface. This combination allows the cleaner servicing of equipment. Automotive Shop Floor Degreaser makes steam cleaning so effective that equipment life is extended and protected from any damaging grime and dirt. Ultimately, this will add up to savings and increased profits for the owner/operator.

A lot of advanced chemistry went into formulating Automotive Shop Floor Degreaser. A special blend of highly effective wetting agents, emulsifiers, and solvents come together to make a concentrated and safe product. This highly advanced concentrated cleaner has built in benefits and safeguards, such as being non-flammable and giving out no toxic fumes. Additionally, biodegradable surfactants are found within this unique cleaner. Local municipal sewage treatment plants require that any cleaner used by local industries be biodegradable so as to help eliminate any potential foaming problems. Automotive Shop Floor Degreaser is biodegradable and will not contribute to any foaming issues, which means it meets the requirements of local governments. It was important when creating such a useful product that it be extremely easy to use. For most cleaning tasks, no mixing equipment is required. Simply take the degreaser and add to cold or hot water. Its that simple. A simple mixture of degreaser with water is so simple to apply with either a brush, a mop, a wiping cloth, or a spray bottle. For example, if a concrete shop floor contains heavy deposits of grease and oil, or there is a need to remove grease and clean industrial equipment, simply mix the degreaser with a solvent such as kerosene and watch the grease deposits disappear! Automotive Shop Floor Degreaser does not leave any residue or sticky film after it is rinsed away. After using with mops or buckets, just rinse with cold water and store. So easy!

Automotive Shop Floor Degreaser even is versatile enough to be used as a general cleaner in meat, poultry, rabbit, and egg products inspection programs. Before using this degreaser in these food processing plants, all food products and packaging material need to be carefully protected and removed from the room being cleaned. After using Automotive Shop Floor Degreaser, all surfaces need to be completely rinsed with potable water.

Here are some of the many different uses, dilution methods, and advantages when using Automotive Shop Floor Degreaser. When cleaning concrete floors with heavy deposits of oil and grease such as shop floors, runways, loading docks, and driveways, the following dilution mixtures are suggested. Take 1 part degreaser and mix with 5 part solvent. For best results, first mix 1 gallon of solvent with 1 gallon of degreaser thoroughly. Next, add the remaining 4 gallons of solvent. Let the area being cleaned soak. Agitate if required. Finally, rinse away with a high pressure hose. 1 gallon of solution will typically cover about 150 square feet. Note, solvents such as kerosene, naphtha, or stoddard can be used. The advantages of this mixture are its powerful wetting, penetrating, and emulsifying action. It provides excellent rinsability and water hardness control. If there are no drain facilities available, use a rubber bladed squeegee to remove any excess solution. After, the area may then be mopped with clear rinse water.

When conducting heavy duty equipment washing, first pre-rinse the equipment that needs to be cleaned. A good cleaning solution ratio mixture would be to add 1 to 3 ounces of Automotive Shop Floor Degreaser to every gallon of water. The amount of degreaser depends upon the amount of dirt and grime found on the equipment. Cold or warm water can be used. Apply the mixed solution to the equipment. For areas that are very dirty, it may be required to use a swab or cleaning brush. Allow the cleaning solution to soak for a good 5 to 10 minutes. Finally, rinse equipment thoroughly clean. With this mixture, paint surfaces will not be harmed and dirt will be easily rinsed away. At this treat rate, this cleaner is extremely economical and effective.

For steam cleaning, a 1 part to 25 part solution mixed with cold water can be quite effective. Depending on the difficulty and amount of soiled area, this will dictate whether more degreaser may be needed. This steam cleaning solution will be safe on most types of metal. Expect to get speedy penetrating and wetting action. When the requirement is to clean and degrease industrial equipment such as compressors, pumps, engines, car motors, and trucks, here are some suggested and effective dilution ratios. Take 1 part Automotive Shop Floor Degreaser and add to 5 part solvent. Its always best to create a premix made up of 1 gallon Automotive Shop Floor Degreaser and 1 gallon of solvent and mix those two together thoroughly. Then, add the rest of the 4 gallons of solvent. This solution can be sprayed on or brushed on over the areas that need to be cleaned. Let the solution do its job by allowing it to soak for a solid 5 to 15 minutes. Lastly, rinse surface with a water hose. If an air hose is available, use it to blow off excess water. This solvent solution is COMBUSTIBLE. The advantage with this solution is that is gives off only a slight solvent odor. It is a safe solution to use on most metal parts. It provides unparalleled penetrating and wetting action. It will control any scale and lime deposits. Before using on any hot surfaces such as an exhaust system, allow the surfaces to cool down before applying. This cleaning solution works effectively on warm motor surfaces. While cleaning is being conducted, do not operate equipment. Equipment is ready to use right after cleaning.

Automotive Shop Floor Degreaser is an excellent for car washing. First, pre-rinse vehicle by hosing down with plain water. A dilution ratio of 1 ounce of Automotive Shop Floor Degreaser to a gallon of clear water will make an excellent car cleaner. Use a soft car wash cleaning brush or swab. Finally, rinse away with clear water. This high-performance cleaner will not harm expensive car finishes. It leaves surfaces bright and shiny. It is virtually free rinsing. A a general purpose cleaner for maintaining walls, floors, painted surfaces, and blackboards, here are some effective dilution ratios. Use 1 ounce of Automotive Shop Floor Degreaser and add to a gallon of clear water, cold or hot. To strip the majority of floor finishes, a mixture of 1 part degreaser to 5 parts water will be effective. Allow this solution to soak in for 10 minutes but do not allow it to dry. Agitate with a stiff bristle broom or brush. Mop the floor and finally rinse away with clean water and then leave the floor to dry. This solution is very cost-effective and provides excellent results. For hand wiping machinery, a dilution rate of 3 ounces of degreaser to 1 gallon of cold or hot water makes an excellent hand cleaning or spray on solution. Allow to soak for a few minutes, then simply wipe off. For just pennies per gallon, you benefit from a powerful and superior cleaner. This solution is long lasting and will not sour while in storage.