ATF Multi-Trans


High Performance Synthetic Automatic Trans Fluid

ATF Multi-Trans is a multi-vehicle synthetic ATF that can be used in a vast selection of automatic transmissions. Though in the industrial lubricants industry there are no singular ATF fluids for every single application, ATF Multi-Trans fluid is the closest fluid you’ll find that can be considered a universal ATF lubricant.

Simplify ATF Inventory

Unfortunately the ATF market does not offer one ATF fluid that meets every single vehicle specification on the market. Still, ATF Multi-Trans will meet the majority of transmission specifications; not all, but most. Important note: DO NOT attempt to utilize this lubricant in CVT (continuously variable transmissions) nor in DCT (dual clutch transmissions). This fluid will not meet those two types of transmission specifications. ATF Multi-Trans meets and exceeds specifications for Allison transmissions, suitable for Chrysler ATFs before 2006, AND suitable for the variety of Dexron fluids. ATF Multi-Trans can be used as a replacement for a majority of Ford/ Mercon fluids. Also meets fluid specifications for manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Mazda, Toyota, Voith, and ZF transmissions. Because of its heavy duty high performance, complex chemistry, ATF Multi-Trans was formulated to meet a very broad listing of OEM transmissions which makes it simpler for the owner / operator to choose an ATF fluid. The fluid helps to reduce ATF inventory levels via consolidation, which reduces error in reducing the wrong fluid and cutting costs.

Utilizes Synthetic Base Oils

The first step in formulating the high performance ATF Multi-Trans fluid required the selection of the finest synthetic base oil stock. The superior synthetic base oil utilized offers compatibility with other synthetic transmission fluids or petroleum based ATF fluids. In addition, ATF Multi-Trans fluid offers compatibility with seals, transmission parts, gaskets, etc. The synthetic base oil that we use, by itself, will offer extremely long service life before our robust additive package is blended in.

Heavy Duty Protection

ATF Multi-Trans fluid offers state of the art complex additive chemistry. Its formula contains extra levels of top of the line anti-wear rust inhibitors, anti-wear agents, rust inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, anti-foam agents, anti-oxidation additives, leak suppressants, and cold weather pour point additives, all at much higher levels than conventional ATF fluids. Understand that conventional automatic transmission fluids, due to their weak additive chemistry and poor base oil quality, require more frequent oil changes because of the poor lubrication they offer. Conventional ATF fluids will in fact decrease the life of transmission parts and provide poor efficiency. ATF Multi-Trans Synthetic ATF Fluid delivers much longer fluid life, less component wear, less foaming leading to lower operating temperatures, and superior cold weather performance. Together, expect superior protection and longer transmission life.

A Durable ATF Fluid

ATF Multi-Trans Synthetic ATF Fluid was designed to perform in the hottest or coldest environments. Looking at its specifications, it delivers a very low -60 degrees Fahrenheit pour point. This means when temperatures are very cold, ATF Multi-Trans delivers lubricant protection at startup, avoiding necessary wear when the transmission is cold. During extremely hot weather and operating conditions, ATF Multi-Trans Synthetic Oil has a 367 degrees Fahrenheit flash point rating. This high temperature rating means during the hottest temperatures that a transmission is exposed to, the owner / operator can expect protection and proper cooling. ATF Multi-Trans provides an extremely durable fluid, which means you can expect every ounce of performance from the transmissions.

Improved Shifting Performance

ATF Multi-Trans Synthetic ATF Fluid utilizes specialized and long lasting friction modification additives which helps maintain the quality of shift and shift times. Beyond these unique friction modifiers are added to the chemistry unique additives that help to maintain the performance quality of the transmission’s shift so that it will be more than acceptable and smooth to the operator. In fact, even after thousands upon thousands of miles of usage, the quality of the shift will be as good as it was when the vehicle was brand new. Anti-shutter durability performance is very important for school, municipal, or transit buses, emergency vehicles, motor homes, and other such vehicles. ATF Multi-Trans Synthetic Fluid was also formulated to deliver the best possible anti-shutter durability performance. Our synthetic fluid delivers sheer resistant viscosity, will not thicken during cold weather, and offers long fluid life. Because of the high quality base oils and top grade additives that are used, ATF Multi-Trans Synthetic Fluid is extremely thermal stable and very resistant to oxidation. Being thermal and oxidation resistant translates to a fluid that will not create damaging varnish and sludge.

ATF Multi-Trans Premium 100% Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid provides the ultimate quality additive package and premium base stock oils. By using this fluid, you benefit through superior anti-wear protection, improved shift quality, and long service life.

Comes in 45 pound pail.



ATF Multi Trans specifications.