ATF Chain Lube with Moly


ATF Chain Lube with Moly will extend the life of chains, repels and is resistant to water, helps to reduce wear, will reduce friction and lower temperatures, flows at low temperatures, and sticks to chains with its adhesive and cohesive properties. ATF Chain Lube with Moly utilizes highly refined high-performance base stock oils and blends in molybdenum disulfide. The Moly actually plates the surfaces of bushings, pins, and link plates, thus reducing wear. Moly is a very slippery substance that can penetrate deep into nooks and crannies in all areas of a chain to protect against extreme pressure, shock loads, etc. When chain links mesh and engage with the teeth of a sprocket wheel, this causes shock loads. To guard against this and protect the chain effectively, this is where Moly comes into play. To illustrate ATF Chain Lube with Moly’s ability to withstand shock loads and extreme pressure, it was tested using the ASTM D-2509 Timken OK Load extreme pressure test. It passed with an amazing 70 pound Timken OK Load, which is very unusual for a chain oil. Regardless of the type of chain, the proper lubrication is needed to help protect the sprocket and link mechanisms against wear. Various factors need to be considered, such as the amount of bending, load, speed, and clearances. All should be considered when choosing the proper chain lubricant. Without specifying the correct chain lubricant, the potential for excessive friction, wear, and high heat is possible. ATF Chain Lube with Moly, with its molybdenum disulfide, is engineered to reduce friction and heat. The Moly penetrates deep into all components, pins, and bushings, which provides the necessary lubrication and reduces unwanted wear.

The specialized formulation put into ATF Chain Lube with Moly includes an adhesive/cohesive property. This adhesive and cohesive characteristic allows this lubricant to be resistant to the effects of centrifugal force and will not be thrown off an operating chain. It allows the lubricant to stay on the chain during operation by helping maintain a strong film of lubrication. Additionally, this tacky property gives it the clingability it needs that forms a tenacious lubricant film on the chains even during long periods of idleness. This adhesive/cohesive nature of ATF Chain Lube with Moly prevents unnecessary wear on all components such as the chains themselves and the sprocket teeth. This lubricant utilizes specialized additives that make it resistant to water and moisture. This water resistance literally repels and water and moisture and allows the lubricant to stay on the metal surface, protecting it from any rust and corrosion. When combining these water-resistant and rust and corrosion inhibiting additives, coupled together with the high-quality base stocks and slippery Moly additive, your chain system has a lubricant that creates a protective barrier on a chain and cable against any damaging water, dust, and dirt. It is imperative that damaging dust, rust, and moisture be kept away from bushings, pins, and link plates. ATF Chain Lube with Moly is the choice for extending chain and cable life and eliminating unnecessary downtime.

ATF Chain Lube with Moly is formulated to provide superior lubrication at low temperatures. It is engineered to be extremely fluid and will pour down to 5 degrees F. This means it is a useful lubricant to use in very cold climates. It can be used in combines, planters, and any other type of equipment by simply squeezing ATF Chain Lube with Moly over the chains when they are warm. This process allows the chain lube to penetrate deeply into all link plates, bushings, and pins. Important caution: Never try to apply any lubricant onto a chain that is in operation and moving.

If the goal is to extend the life of chains on any piece of equipment, then ATF Chain Lube with Moly is the absolute finest chain oil available. This chain lubricant offers long service life and is economical to use. Because of the use of dry film molybdenum disulfide, dry starts are virtually eliminated. With both the adhesive and cohesive tenacious lubricating film that is formed on the chains along with the Moly coating and plating all critical chain parts, friction is reduced, wear is reduced, and temperature is reduced. This translates to extending the life of chains. By reducing wear, temperature, and extending the service life of chains, this translates to far less maintenance, less hours invested into replacing chains, and your equipment runs more efficiently with less chance of downtime. At the end of the day, ATF Chain Lube with Moly offers real money savings to improve your bottom line.