Allison C4 Fluid & CAT TO 4 Oil Equivalent


Formulated to exceed TO-4 and C-4 specifications. Allison C4 Fluid & CAT TO 4 Oil Equivalent is undoubtedly one of our most impressive lubricating oils in our high performance line. Its boosted additive chemistry far exceeds Allison C-4 and CAT T0-4 specs. Allison and Caterpillar have established the industry standard for these types of lubricant products. They are considered the industry guidelines when cross referencing of acceptable fluid standards. This C4 fluid, with its robust additive chemistry, exceeds the specifications of both these OEM’s, thus establishing a very high standard for lubrication protection and service life.

Finest Additive Chemistry

This C4 fluid was engineered to greatly prolong the service life of heavy equipment. This fluid was designed for high performance, and created to offer much longer fluid service life. To accomplish these goals, the finest super refined thermal stable base stock oils were utilized. Next, top of the line top tier additives were selected. This unique package of base oils and additives work synergistically to offer the heavy equipment operator superior component protection.

Reduce Wear, Foam, Heat, and Seal Deterioration

Equipment utilizing CAT T0-4 fluids experience common issues such as excessive foaming, higher heat temperatures, higher wear, and faster seal deterioration. These fluids are often forced to operate in a vast variety of harsh environments over long tough time periods and beyond the distances that were originally specified. Standard spec TO-4 fluids are ultimately lacking under these extreme conditions. Allison C4 Fluid & CAT TO 4 Oil Equivalent on the other hand offers the necessary heavy duty protection due to its robust PLUS additive chemistry and superior thermal stable base oils. This C4 fluid, with its heavy duty anti-wear additives and anti-foam agents, vastly reduces wear, foam, heat, and minimizes seal deterioration.

Superior Cold Weather Service

Allison C4 Fluid & CAT TO 4 Oil Equivalent delivers superior cold temperature flowability and fluidity. This C4 fluid offers superior protection for critical parts and components during cold temperatures, especially during startup and initial operation. It is important these vital components do not experience unnecessary wear during initial cold temperature startup. This C4 fluid protects from startup to shutdown and beyond.

Longer Drain Intervals

Not all TO-4 and C-4 fluids utilize the necessary quality base oils and additive packages to deliver extended drain intervals. Like all standard or conventional lubricants, they tend to offer fluids that are formulated by accountants, not chemists. This means they try to create a product that meets a low price but falls far short in delivering the necessary performance that in the long run offers the heavy equipment operator the best value for their money. If extended drain intervals and lower downtime is the goal, then utilizing Allison C4 Fluid & CAT TO 4 Oil Equivalent is the choice. You can expect your equipment to be safely and rigorously protected with this high performance fluid. In fact, operators that utilize this fluid and any fluid that we manufacture is entitled to utilizing our helpful free oil analysis. By scientifically analyzing this C4 fluid, we have ensured that you can safely and effectively greatly extend lubricant drain intervals.

Better Gear Protection

Allison C4 Fluid & CAT TO 4 Oil Equivalent has a very unique characteristic. The oil exhibits a slightly tacky feel. It gets this tackiness or clingability aspect through the use of a proprietary tackifier. This clingability feature allows Allison C4 Fluid & CAT TO 4 Oil Equivalent to completely coat the gear components with lubricating oil. It helps to maintain a higher film of lubricant protection, which dramatically helps in reducing wear. By reducing wear, you are reducing friction, which leads to lower operating temperatures. This superior film strength protection means that this C4 fluid offers great antioxidant characteristics which leads to efficiency in performance over a longer duration of time. Additionally, Allison C4 Fluid & CAT TO 4 Oil Equivalent will offer 30% superior wear protection over standard CAT-4 fluids.

To recap, Allison C4 Fluid & CAT TO 4 Oil Equivalent far surpasses Allison C-4 and CAT TO-4 specifications. It offers greatly reduced wear, reduces foaming and heat, helps preserve seals, delivers excellent thermal stability, stronger and more durable film strength, and offers long drain fluid intervals.

Comes in 45 pound pail.

Formulated to Meet Allison C-4, Caterpillar TO-4, Caterpillar TDTO, Komatsu Wet Brake Axle and API CF and CF-2 Specifications.