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Aerosol EP Grease is like having grease in the palm of your hand. Inside a can of Aerosol EP Grease is the finest grease available on the market. No other competitor offers such and extraordinary high performance grease in an aerosol can. Aerosol EP Grease can be used in a multitude of applications, such as hinges, pulleys, threads, rust protection, cables, conveyors, tracks, fifth wheels, pre-assembly chains, etc.

Extreme Pressure & Shock Load Protection

To show the uniqueness and ultra performance characteristics of Aerosol EP Grease, we utilize the Timken OK Load Test to see how effective Aerosol EP Grease would perform in extreme pressure and high load applications. Aerosol EP Grease scored 100 pound Timken OK Load during the test. The industry average for other “similar” aerosol greases was between 40 and 50 pounds. With Aerosol EP Grease having 100 Timken OK Load rating, this means you can expect protection during extreme pressure and high load situations. Lower quality aerosol greases in similar applications would pound out during violent or jolted applications, leaving parts exposed to wear and possibly failure. This is not thew case with Aerosol EP Grease. It was purposefully formulated to stand up to extreme pressure and high shock loads. When comparing Aerosol EP Grease to other competitors, the results were that no Other product cam close to the 100 pound Timken OK Load

Superior Anti-Wear Performance

Another area that Aerosol EP Grease excels in is in reducing wear between metal surfaces. To show this ability of reducing wear, Aerosol EP Grease was tested using the Wear Scar Test. Industry averages for other “competitive” products when tested in the Wear Scar Test typically resulted in wear marks of .55 mm to .72 mm. These are industry acceptable wear rates. The goal for our chemists was to create a aerosol grease that could reduce these industry standard number. If you can reduce wear, you can reduce temperatures, thus you increase equipment life. Aerosol EP Grease performed admirably during the Wear Scar Test. The result was .33 mm, which translates to be 80% to 120% lower than the industry average.

Excellent Water Resistance

Many heavy equipment operators require that a grease have the ability to stay where it is applied and also have the ability to withstand direct contact with water and moisture, even in applications where the component may be submerged in water. The industry standard test called the Water Washout Test is a performance test that shows the ability of a grease to hold up and not wash away when in contact with water. Typically industry averages for most standard greases that would rate as acceptable would be in the 5% to 10% water washout. If a grease falls within this range, it is considered a grease that works in an acceptable fashion when coming in contact with water spray of l;larger amounts of water. Aerosol EP Grease was put through the Water Washout Test and the results are of course superior. It scored a 1.3% water washout with is far, far below the industry acceptable standards. Aerosol EP Grease will protect the parts it is applied to.


When Aerosol EP Grease is sprayed on the application, the grease offers excellent adhesive, tacky, and superior clingability. This means Aerosol EP Grease will stick and cling to the components it is supposed to protect. The greases will do its job by sticking to the metal parts tenaciously, acting as a contamination barrier and protecting the parts from any heavy shock loads. This tacky and adhesive characteristic is also useful under exposure to heavy water.

Unique Formula

Aerosol EP Grease has been formulated utilizing the absolute finest base oil stocks, the ultimate in rust and oxidation additives, heavy duty extreme pressure additives, cushioning agents, and anti-wear additives. All blended together to form and extreme pressure, water resistant lubricant.

Amazing Stability

Every heavy equipment operator has surely noticed the signs of an unstable grease. These signs present themselves as oil separating from the product and the grease thickener showing cracks as you look inside of a tube of grease or a keg of greases. These are unmistakable signs of a grease’s poor stability. Think of it this way: the oil’s function is to lubricate and protect your equipment’s expensive components and parts. If before you even apply the grease to your equipment, the oil is leaking out of the container that holds the grease, then you have to wonder what will happen what will happen to the grease and oil once the grease is in your equipment. Not an encouraging thought. Aerosol EP Grease on the other hand has zero, yes zero, oil separation or leakage. Like all our greases, our formulating and blending process is unique and proprietary. We understand that an oil’s job is to get in your equipment, protect and lubricate. With this in mind, we’ve formulated our grease so it won’t leak, won’t separate, and will get into your equipment with 100% of the oil that was intended to properly lubricate your equipment.


To recap, Aerosol EP Grease can be used in a multitude of applications, it comes with a convenient mixing ball, utilizes a spray anyway valve, provides a quick and easy way to apply grease, the grease stays put, is extremely water resistant, and withstands extreme pressure and shock loads due to its 100 pound Timken OK Load rating.