646 Supreme Gear Oil


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Would you be interested in a multi-grade gear lubricant that will vastly decrease gearbox temperatures? Would your equipment benefit from a gear oil that never emulsifies with water? Would a color coded gear oil be helpful if it warned you when the gear oil has oxidized and needs to be changed? Would the solutions to these issues be interesting for you? If your operation runs equipment that has heavily loaded industrial gears, stationary gear boxes, slow moving heavy equipment, or gear sets that are exposed to moisture contamination, than our 646 gear lube is the perfect high performance product for your operation.

646 is the finest gear oil available. By applying our over 90 years of lubrication formulation experience, we have created an advanced gear lubricant that will give lasting and superior high performance under the most difficult operating environments.

The foundation of the quality

646 Supreme Gear Lube is created utilizing the absolute top of the line base oil stocks which are super refined to remove any unwanted materials such as waxes and varnishes which could be detrimental to the gear system. 646’s unique selection of base oil stocks were chosen because of their superior protective film strength. In addition, a shear stable adhesive cohesive additive is utilized which gives 646 an amazing ability to cling to the gears, thus offering continuous lubrication even in the presence of water. Proper coating of gear sets and parts and superior film strength are two areas where major brand gear oils are inadequate. The ability of 646 Supreme Gear Oil to stick to and coat completely the metal surfaces of gears is one of its strong features. In addition, because of the high performance adhesive and cohesive additives and the superior base oil stocks, 646 offers proper film strength, wear protection, cushioning agents, and outstanding rust protection in the presence of moisture and water. Also, on startups the tackiness or stringiness of 646 prevents dry starts due to the gear oil immediately climbing up the gears and providing lubricant protection.

Extreme pressure chemistry

646 Supreme Gear Oil has a 70 pound Timken OK Load, which is unusually high and unique for a gear oil. Its ability to withstand shock load is due to its utilization of top of the line extreme pressure additives, cushioning agents, and superior base oil stocks. For heavy duty equipment that is heavily loaded, 646 will protect rear ends, transmissions, and any gear box in the most extreme loaded conditions. Also, an added benefit in using superior EP and cushioning additives is 646’s ability to eliminate the rumble and howl experienced by equipment.

Provides cold temperature protection

Standard gear oils typically use low quality base stocks that are not highly refined. The use of such low quality base stocks in cold temperatures can cause problems in that the gear oil becomes too thick in cold weather, making it very difficult for the gear oil to flow and protect the gears and parts. This can lead to gears being run dry and have metal-to-metal contact during startup and cold temperatures. 646 Supreme Gear Oil utilizes super refined high quality base stock oils that shows a low non-channeling point. In other words, heavy equipment operators that utilize 646 will not experience any dry starts and shifting of the gear box will be much easier due to its cold temperature fluidity.

Non-foaming rapid air release

One of the biggest enemies for gear boxes and gear oils is foaming. Foaming will insulate high temperatures, causing the level of gear oil temperatures to rise. Many standard gear oils on the industrial market tend to use low quality foam additives which cause foam during operation, which leads to extensive problems. The first issue caused by foaming is that the level of gear oil drops, which limits the gear oil’s ability to lubricate. The second issue that is caused by the use of low quality foam additive is the increase in temperature in the gear box. To combat these problems, 646 Supreme Gear Oil not only uses the top of the line anti-foam additives, but it uses them in a much higher quantity. Operators will notice that the temperatures in gear boxes will actually be lowered through the use of 646. With lower temperatures, this translates into seals staying pliable and lasting longer. In addition, with lower temperatures due to less foam, this allows the oil to last much longer, keeping all the parts within the gear box clean. All in all, 646 Supreme Gear Oil is the best gear oil for eliminating foaming.

Water resistant gear oil

Milk or water contaminated gear oil is one of the most common problems in applications where gear oils are utilized. Moisture or water in a gear box can cause rust on metal surfaces, which will increase friction and lead to excessive metal wear. Water or moisture that enters a gear box can either come from direct exposure in operating environments or condensation buildup. Condensation comes from when a machine is shut down at the end of the day and it goes from hot to cold. This difference in temperatures from hot to cold creates condensation in the gear box. Major brand gear lubes tend to emulsify with water, turning the lubricant a milky color. Once this happens, the gear lubricant is compromised. It compromises its extreme pressure abilities, film strength abilities, lowers the gear oil’s ability to prevent rust and corrosion, foam increases, and oxidation increases. 646 Supreme Gear Oil utilizes a unique and proprietary additive package that does not allow water to emulsify with the gear oil. This unique additive formulation allows any water or moisture to be drained from the gear box as needed. You will not find any milky residue or milky gear oil by using 646 Supreme Gear Lube. In the presence of water, Supreme 646 continues to operate at its highest level, protecting against extreme pressure, eliminating foaming, resisting high temperatures, reducing wear, and providing heavy loaded equipment with total lubricant protection.

Color coded life indicator

The proprietary formulation for 646 Supreme Gear Oil includes a color coded life indicator. Supreme 646 Gear Oil is color coded with a bright red. There are several advantages for the operator when using our color coded bright red gear oil. First, the possibility of utilizing the incorrect oil for a specific application can be virtually eliminated. The next benefit for the bright red color of our gear oil is that a leak can be easily detected and found. Lastly, 646’s bright red color was also designed to be a life indicator for the gear oil. When the color changes from bright red to a dark color, this usually means that its time to change the oil. When the color changes from a bright red to a dark brown, typically this means that the gear oil is starting to oxidize and has been used to its full potential, thus a change is required.

In summary, 646 is the best non-foaming gear oil, leading to reduced temperatures of parts and components. It utilizes high performance adhesive and cohesive additives that allow the oil to climb, crawl, coat and protect metal surfaces during use, when at standstill, and a startup. It offers zero water to oil emulsification. It is far superior in its ability to resist emulsification and drain off excessive water, thus reducing downtime. Its color coded life indicator lets the oil turn color when important additives have been depleted, a visual warning that your gear oil needs to be changed.