5% Moly Grease


5% Moly Grease – Timken OK Load 80 utilizes a unique calcium/lithium complex thickener system along with industry-leading additive chemistry that makes it the finest extreme pressure multi-use grease available anywhere. For those industries whose applications are considered extreme, then 5% Moly Grease is the grease of choice. In applications such as extreme heat, heavy shock loads, extreme water and moisture, or applications where a stable grease is required, 5% Moly Grease is rated #1. 5% Moly Grease is the perfect choice for the following applications: bushings, cam and slide mechanisms, low chassis points, bearings, universal joints, pins, chains, etc. 5% Moly Grease – Timken OK Load 80 was formulated to be compatible with almost all greases. Its flexibility will help in reducing inventory needs due to its superior performance characteristics, allowing inferior greases to be redundant.

The foundational formulation of 5% Moly Grease is our beloved and fully tested EP Grease. The question was how could an already superior grease formulation be improved? Well, 5% Moly Grease is the next step. It utilizes a minimum of 5% molybdenum disulfide. This fantastic natural mineral has a very long and successful history in the lubricants industry. It can famously withstand pressures of up to 500,000 pounds per square inch. When moly is allowed to fully plate onto any metal surface it encounters, it provides a tenacious and armor-like protective film which reduces friction and wear. The 5% volume of moly found in 5% Moly Grease – Timken OK Load 80 provides an added layer of lubricating protection which helps to reduce friction, scuffing, and wear on metal surfaces and bearings, which leads to lower temperatures and longer life for parts.

When heavy equipment or industrial applications are exposed to constant shock and extreme pressure loads, it is important for the user to consider a grease that offers a high Timken OK Load rating. 5% Moly Grease, when tested, rated 80 pounds on the Timken OK Load test. Most conventional greases have a Timken OK Load rating that ranges from 40 to 55 pounds. To get an 80 pound Timken OK Load rating, it requires the chemist to choose the best possible EP additive at the optimal level. With over 92 years of oil and grease manufacturing experience, 5% Moly Grease delivers the finest extreme pressure protection available on the market today. With its generous 5% molybdenum disulfide, this grease offers unprecedented protection for surfaces that are exposed to sliding, turning or oscillating movements where there are extreme loading and shocking going on. 5% Moly Grease – Timken OK Load 80 utilizes high-performance adhesive and cohesive additives that give it a unique tacky consistency. This grease is extremely resistant to pounding out, squeezing out, or becoming thin during severe shock loading. Overall, less grease will be consumed, parts life extended, and downtime will be vastly reduced, leading to higher profits.

Water and moisture contamination is not a friend to conventional greases nor to equipment components. 5% Moly Grease is far from being a “conventional” grease. It is without a doubt the finest grease available in combating moisture and water contamination. The more extreme the operating conditions, the better it performs. It simply will not wash away. In fact, it is incredibly effective at displacing and removing water from metal surfaces. It keeps rust and corrosion out due to the use of superior water fighting additive chemistry. Imagine, even in the presence of up to 20% water, 5% Moly Grease will keep its amazing extreme pressure abilities, thus protecting all parts it is applied to. Whether the application is in construction, trenching, water treatment facilities, paper mills, or any other extreme moisture and water environment, 5% Moly Grease – Timken OK Load 80 is the perfect grease to win the battle against the fight with moisture and water contamination.

One of the goals the chemists had when formulating 5% Moly Grease was to offer a grease that was truly effective in a vast temperature range from low to extremely high. Conventional lithium-based greases typically have a ordinary dropping point of around 500 degrees Fahrenheit and a pedestrian operating temperature range of about 300 degrees Fahrenheit. This is OK for conventional and normal operating conditions. In vast contrast, 5% Moly Grease is on another planet when operating temperature range is discussed. It offers amazing protection in extreme heat operating conditions by delivering a dropping point of 630 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, this grease has a maximum recommended operating temperature of 570 degrees Fahrenheit. That is more than 270 degrees Fahrenheit better than your standard lithium-based grease. 5% Moly Grease – Timken OK Load 80 will not melt away or cake up in lines or bearings when exposed to extreme heat conditions. When the going gets tough, a tough grease like 5% Moly Grease gets going and protects equipment in the severest of conditions. By utilizing 5% Moly Grease – Timken OK Load 80, you’ll add an extra safety net of protection that will lead to lower downtime, less grease consumption, longer equipment life, and higher profits.

Comes in: 50 tube case,  45 pound pail, 120 pound keg, 400 pound drum.