15W40 CJ-4 Oil


Due to continuous and tougher federal environmental regulations, original equipment manufacturers have been forced to design engines with much tighter tolerances. These strict performance demands require motor oils to provide lubrication within much more difficult operating environments. Conventional motor oils simply wont be up to the task in protecting expensive engines that are called on to work harder, longer, and in much more extreme conditions than they were in the past. Only the finest quality motor oils with the heaviest duty additive chemistry will be able to provide the necessary lubrication protection for modern day diesel engines. 15W40 CJ-4 Oil offers the necessary performance required in protecting hard working diesel engines.

Conventional CJ-4 engine oils are no match for 15W40 CJ-4 Oil. This engine oil will give an extra level of performance to over-the-road equipment with low emission diesel engines that have after treatment accessories that require a CJ-4 motor oil, and for over-the-road pre-2007 diesel motors. Also, it is specified for off-highway Tier 4 diesel motors and for off-highway diesel powered heavy equipment that are pre-Tier 4.

Now that ultra low sulfur diesel fuel (15ppm) is standard fare for both off-highway and on-highway equipment, the majority of OEMs have felt the need to specify lower Base Number (BN) requirements for their specified motor oils. Their assumption is based on a feeling that with the lower sulfur content of current diesel fuels, there is no need for higher BN specified engine oils. After endless tests and many successful years of in-the-field usage, our experienced chemists feel that in fact the accumulated data offers proof that utilizing higher BN and superior BN retention are still critically vital to fighting the ever increasing acidity that develops in engines that utilize SCR and EGR technology devices.

For those owner/operators looking to keep their hard working diesel motors functioning at peak performance, a superior motor oil will be required. 15W40 CJ-4 Oil is the engine oil of choice. Expect our robust BN of 14 to stay a BN of 14 over a long time. This engine oil’s ability to retain its high BN number makes it a standout superior engine oil. The key to keeping an engine healthy has to start with utilizing a heavy duty engine oil formulated with a healthy dosage of superior engine oil additives. This high-quality engine oil gives you a high 14 BN, which will work overtime at neutralizing destructive acids.

It is important that an engine oil resist acidification and thickening when exposed to extreme high temperatures. If an engine oil is left to thicken, this can lead to early motor failure and the loss of performance. 15W40 CJ-4 Oil contains a healthy dosage of antioxidants that were especially selected because of their ability to neutralize acids and to resist any engine oil thickening when exposed to high temps. This extended drain motor oil was put through the Volvo/Mack t-13 Engine Test. This is a new industry test that was designed to study a diesel engine oil’s oxidation stability when exposed to extended high temperatures. The test is conducted at a specific 266 degrees Fahrenheit and runs for a consistent and continuous 360 hours. 15W40 CJ-4 Oil passed this test with flying colors and outperformed all conventional CJ-4 engine oils. It reduced thickening by over 56% when compared with other conventional CJ-4 motor oils. This translates into much longer drain intervals and an extra boost in engine performance.

The generation of soot in modern diesel engines has lead to unnecessary cylinder liner wear and the detrimental loss of top ring mass. The Mack T-12 Engine Test was created for the purpose of testing an engine oil’s ability in protecting cylinder liners and top ring areas. During this test, 15W40 CJ-4 Oil showed an ability to provide more than 44% superior protection against cylinder liner wear. Additionally, it will offer a 54% reduction against top ring mass loss.

It goes without saying, keeping cylinder line scuffing to a bare minimum is the goal and ideally, a motor oil’s job is to provide protection against this sort of abrasive wear. The Detroit Diesel DD13 Test was designed to test motor oil’s ability in protecting against cylinder liner scuffing. The OEM limit for an engine oil is to show minimal scuffing at the 31 hour mark. 15W40 CJ-4 Oil provides amazing protection against cylinder liner scuffing. In fact, it provides more than 4 times longer protection than the average leading conventional competitor engine oil. During the DD13 Test, it was not until 122 hours of running that this extreme duty engine oil showed initial signs of scuffing. Additionally, the oil was run to 200 hours minimum, and incredibly after that 200 hour mark, the honing marks were still visible on the liner. In comparison, conventional competitive oils that were tested typically showed extreme fatigue and scuffing marks at 47 hours. Without a doubt, this heavy-duty motor oil vastly offers superior protection from unnecessary wear that will lead to peak performance and efficiency for diesel engines.

When a diesel motor is in operation, there are catalysts present like oxygen and heat during combustion that create dangerous chemical reactions. These chemical reactions can cause the oil to darken and degrade, which unfortunately leads to the creation of destructive and corrosive acids. These damaging acids combine with other contaminants that form sludge that is insoluble, which in turn causes motor oils to thicken and finally creating unwanted deposits on the pistons, robbing the engine of power, efficiency, and performance. In other words, these detrimental reactions during diesel engine operation causes an engine oil to oxidize or break down slowly, leading to a motor oil’s life being shortened and weakening its ability to protect critical engine parts, which may lead to early motor failure. Today’s modern engines require a high performance motor oil that can withstand the extreme operating conditions that today’s engines are forced to operate in. Such an engine oil is 15W40 CJ-4 Oil. Its state-of-the-art chemistry is engineered to deliver powerful detergency and superior antioxidant capabilities working in unison to control damaging soot, neutralization of acids, a reduction in the consumption of oil, and the ability to keep the internal engine clean.

Another important industry test is the TFOUT Oxidation Stability Test. This test is measured in what is called induction time, minutes. It checks an engine oil’s ability to resist oxidation. The higher the number of minutes an oil scores, the better it shows an engine oil’s ability at resisting oxidation. By resisting oxidation, an oil can be safely kept in service during extended periods of time. 15W40 CJ-4 Oil was able to show 50% greater resistance to oxidation over conventional and other specialty engine oils. This means that this specialized motor oil will outlast other oils by a factor of 50% longer. This ability to resist oxidation means a diesel engine is kept cleaner and in service for much longer than most other oils on the market.

One of the keys that is critical to keeping owner/operator equipment out of the shop for repairs is when the ring belt and piston ring areas can be kept free of deposits and clean. If these areas are not kept clean and deposits are allowed to build up, these contaminants can adversely effect the motor oil’s ability to pump throughout the engine’s lubrication system and thus can reduce the engine’s ability to produce efficient power and unfortunately can cause unnecessary wear on critical engine components. The industry standard TEOST Oxidation Test is a test to check an oil’s ability to hinder and control deposit formation. Due to 15W40 CJ-4 Oil’s state of the art engine oil chemistry, it performed 75% better in deposit reduction than competing conventional engine oils.

15W40 CJ-4 Oil contains much higher concentrations of anti-friction and anti-wear additives versus conventional engine oils. The goal was to effectively reduce friction and wear during extreme operating conditions. These reductions lead to increased fuel economy, improved engine efficiency, longer component life, less downtime, and dollar savings.

Comes in 4 gallon case.