10W30 Diesel Engine Oil


10W30 Diesel Engine Oil was engineered to provide maximum wear protection, extend oil drain intervals, and provide antioxidation capabilities.

10W30 Diesel Engine Oil utilizes a unique friction reducing and anti-wear additive chemistry. This high performance anti-wear and friction reducing chemistry will extend internal engine parts and reduce friction, both leading to more efficient engine efficiency and fuel economy.

10W30 Diesel Engine Oil was designed to control any potential oxidation of the engine oil. It is imperative that an oil be resistant to oxidation. If not, oxidation will cause the oil to become thicker, which can lead to the oil going out of spec in relation to the range of viscosity it was designed to maintain. This diesel motor oil is formulated with the finest antioxidation chemistry, which helps to maintain the oil’s viscosity, helps to extend drain intervals, and helps maintain engine cleanliness.

It is critical that a high strength lubricating film be maintained within the critical ring/liner mating surface area so as to prevent any undue wear between these moving parts. To accomplish this, the oil must be designed to be a high temperature, high shear viscosity motor oil. 10W30 Diesel Engine Oil was designed to provide the absolute best possible wear protection and simultaneously helping to improve fuel mileage efficiency via a lower high temperature, high shear viscosity. These factors have shown to relate to and produce improved fuel economy and lower engine wear.

10W30 Diesel Engine Oil will bring substantial benefits to both the off-road and on-road owner/operator as well as municipalities. Additionally, this top-of-the-line high performance motor oil can help reduce wear, extend drain intervals, provide oxidation control, and meets many of the important diesel engine specifications that are found in diesel powered equipment utilized in the mining, agricultural, and construction industries.

Comes in quarts, 1 gallon jugs, 6 gallon pails, 35 gallon drums, and 55 gallon drums.