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Popular Eco Friendly Flooring Options

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If you are thinking about making changes in your life as far as your carbon footprint and are also thinking about doing some remodeling, there is good news. You can incorporate both of these lifestyle elements into your home with eco friendly flooring. Eco friendly remodeling is popular – not only because it is trendy but also because it really does save the environment. And it looks so gorgeous while doing so to boot. There are many options for eco friendly flooring that are not just limited to wood flooring. Many individuals prefer carpeting and there are options that exist there as well.


Many homeowners prefer carpets to wood flooring, but because of health issues such as allergies, carpets were not always a good option for those individuals. Now, however, eco friendly carpeting is something that may be a viable option for all.

Eco friendly green carpeting offers variety and benefits all rolled into one.

* All-natural fiber materials such as wool or cotton and seagrass
* Low toxic backing and covering
* No topical chemical treatments
* Carpeting dyed with vegetable dye

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When thinking of flooring for an eco-friendly home, investigate the many carpeting options available. There are also many carpet treatments that, when topically applied, prevent the escape of outgassing for a certain period of time.

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Wood Eco Friendly Flooring

When it comes to sustainable and eco friendly wood flooring, bamboo really does top the list. Since bamboo is made from a natural plant, the bamboo plant, it is one of the most effective eco friendly flooring design options available.

Bamboo offers the benefit of being a bit more water resistant than typical flooring. While water is still something to watch out for, it is not as much of a worry as for other types of wood flooring. Bamboo is also more stain resistant than some types of traditional wood floorings that are not eco friendly.

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Believe it or not, bamboo is also quite durable. Depending on how it is grown and delivered, bamboo flooring is equally as durable as other types of traditional flooring. Bamboo flooring is also excellent in its maintenance levels. You can easily maintain scratches and scuffs on these types of floors by sanding and staining.

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Hardwood eco friendly flooring.

Jute, Sisal, and Wool Throw Rugs

If you already have wood flooring in place and you are looking to throw a good rug on top for decorative purposes, jute, sisal, and wool are excellent choices. Jute comes from the plant family and is similar in kind to a hemp-style rug; however, jute is softer. Sisal is also derived from a plant and the fibers are used to create threads of yarn to make all-natural rugs, for example. Wool, of course, provides extra softness and comfort.



Cork is another alternative for your eco friendly flooring. Cork is resilient, durable, and easy to maintain. Cork is an excellent choice in that the bark of the cork oak replenishes quickly.

It is important to use eco friendly floor cleaning products to keep your eco friendly floors in good shape. Many brand name cleaning products are made with toxic chemicals that are toxic for your floors. Avoid these and focus instead on high-quality, high-performance floor cleaning products that are made with plant-based, eco friendly ingredients.

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These are just a few options for eco friendly flooring that will all make a wise choice for your new remodeling project.